Celebration – Part II

Kebab mania
Kebab mania

We had moved onto the main part of the meal. Beef and lamb kebabs with fresh vegetables! We also grilled up some shrimp as well. The best part of the meal? It was easy, quick and very tasty!

The marinades. For the beef I used a combination of soy sauce, champagne vinegar, oil, garlic, fresh thyme, rosemary, salt and pepper. I combined everything then marinated the beef in a resealable bag for a couple of hours. The recipe can be found here:

Onto the lamb. We tried the lamb because, again, this isn’t just any ol’ day…it is a happy day and Mom loves lamb! Me being new to the whole shish kebab thing, I wasn’t sure what cut of lamb to buy. We asked one of the experts at our local grocery what he suggested and the answer was lamb steak. The idea is the steak doesn’t have any fat and sinew that you have to deal with. So we picked up two steaks and away we went.

We turned to Jamie Oliver (You know him right? The Naked Chef? And a hot British accent!) and his recipe for lamb kebabs.
The idea was to crush the spices and make a thick paste with some olive oil to use as a wet rub. It was at this point I found myself without a basic kitchen tool – a mortar and pestle. My first substitute was a ziploc bag and hammer (a little loud). My second substitute was coffee grinder (less loud). It worked.

Ready to grill!!
Ready to grill!!

The result? Despite a heavy downpour when it was time to grill up the kebabs (poor grillmaster) everything was really flavorful and healthy!! I may cut back on the vinegar in the beef marinade next time. The lamb kebabs, while good, next time I may focus on a rosemary/mint type of marinade. Stay tuned for the next post – using up all of your leftovers! 🙂

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