Miles Away Mushrooms!

Here we are…the virtual cross country cooking project is here! I know you have been checking this site everyday (thank you bff for all of your hits today!!) in anticipation of this first ever event.

Not your lunch ladies' sloppy joe
Not your lunch ladies' sloppy joe

Note: Miss S is a professional photographer – we heart this!

The project: Sloppy portobello mushroom joe’s made in 2 separate kitchens (NH and KY) 841 miles apart.
The mission: Bff in KY will make the recipe (to the ‘t’) straight from the August Oprah issue, making multiple trips to the Kroger grocery through crazy thunderstorms for forgotten items all the while walking around looking for jarred garlic (it’s in the produce section FYI).
Me: Making said recipe with my own variations because I can’t be bothered with going to the local grocery (10 minutes away) for said items…instead I will improvise. Wait a minute…I am always the one who followed the rules and she was the one who always broke them….hmmm. Are we trading places in our older, wiser age?
The result? Check it…

NH kitchen
NH kitchen

First we shall start with where you can find this recipe: http://www.oprah.com/recipe/omagazine/recipes/200908-omag-recipe-real-sloppy-joes

Second: We start in Kentucky with Miss S. She says to me via a Friday night phone conversation (actually interview sounds more professional) over cocktails: Well I enjoyed it. I prepped everything, got everything sliced, and was looking forward to a sloppy joe. I was very excited to try a healthy sloppy joe recipe. With my Oprah magazine in hand, I followed the exact recipe right down to the teaspoon. So I prepared them and put them on a toasted bun. When I bit into it, it reminded me of a delicious sausage and pepper hoagie. I liked the taste. Hubby liked the taste. He said, “Wow, baby, this is really good.” I couldn’t get over the taste of a healthy sloppy joe. I was missing the meat taste…perhaps I would brown sugar or something else a little sweet to balance this to taste more like a sloppy joe. If I were to make this again the title would be: Healthy sausauge and peppers dish sans the sausage. Thanks Oprah!

Third -me: In a hot, muggy kitchen I got to work. I was the improviser and rule breaker – hey, I am getting used to this new role! I used crushed tomatoes with basil, leftover black beans, zucchini, yellow squash, whole wheat hot dog buns (Bff said it looked like a cheese coney) and the rest of the ingredients called for. The dish was tasty (leftovers were even better) and made me feel very healthy. However, I thought the dish resembled chili on a toasted bun.

Bff in KY…THANK YOU for blogging with me!! I fuzzy heart you bff! Grab another cocktail and put on “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” and dance away!!!!

Foodies in the making - we heart Maine vacations!!
Young foodies in the making - we heart Maine vacations!!

Try it out and decide for yourself. Contact me to be on the next virtual kitchen experience.

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3 thoughts on “Miles Away Mushrooms!

  1. Janey has put on “girls just want to have fun” and thinks back to the innocent little one’s at the Maine diner. Thanx for making my nite 🙂

  2. I am cincybff’ husband.

    I very much enjoyed the sloppy joe portobello sandwiches. Absolutely nothing to complain about at all. Also it made the house smell wonderful.

    For the sake of critisim, I would say this:
    Because there was no ground beef in the dish, it lacked that iron and salty sweetness of a traditional sloppy joe. I might try adding some liquid smoke, brown sugar, and red wine vinegar to pump it up a little.

    The folloing night I ate the left overs on a turkey sausage and once again no complaints!

  3. just1janey: You are most welcome! Welcome to the new site!
    asyougo: GREAT idea withthe liquid smoke, brown sugar and red wine vinegar (sort of a bbq-ish route)….will have to try that next time!

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