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Taking a step back

Delicious Breakfast

Over the past week I have taken a few steps back. It was time to stop, relax, reflect on a wonderful life, and rest. February vacation week was upon me and I had just the recipe for what I was looking for.

What is this secret recipe you ask? It went a little something like this (I didn’t really measure – just added as I went along): 2 planes to get from NH to OH, one cab to take me to an address – ‘just off Main Strasse in Covington please’ I tell Mr. Cab Driver (who was not one for small talk or driving fast), add in a sprinkle of your best friend since the diaper days, her wonderful husband, a well mannered dog, a cat who despises the well mannered dog, fun neighbors, a million trips down memory lane, several adventures with snow, a trip to the gym complete with a steam room (!), local culinary delights, and laughs – lots and lots of laughs.

Valentine's Day Dinner

Valentine’s Dinner was amazing. Grilled flank steak with a chile-cocoa marinade was the main star. The supporting characters were mashed potatoes and steamed asparagus. To start this evening off we had some delicious snacks – blue cheese with fig jam, hummus, cheese…oh and wine. I can’t forget the wine!

Heaven on a cracker

The mashed potatoes were not just your typical recipe to add some butter, milk and a little salt and pepper. Oh no. Mr. Seth (Shannon’s dear husband, who prefers the name Valentino Amore)  was the chef this evening. What a wonderful job Valentino did cooking for his TWO dates!! The mashed potato recipe included caramelized onions, mashed carrots, salt, pepper and a few secret ingredients I am forgetting. Delicious!!! So delicious that I felt like pulling a Nigella Lawson move which would have me sneaking into the kitchen in my new mint mojito pajamas for a late night snack! I didn’t….I couldn’t upset the cat who lives above the refrigerator in fear of the dog. Although the next morning she stopped by to say good morning.

The results: rejuvenation, replenishing the soul, and cherishing the life I have.  My dear bff thank you a million times over for the wonderful memories. Looking forward to many more!!

* Note: All pictures were taken on the iPhone…couldn’t fit my camera in my luggage. Also if you are wondering where the pics are of my dear friend Shannon and I. Well….I confess the only picture I have of us together is where we are sporting green mud masks, hair mayonnaise treatments and grinning like schoolgirls. Somehow I just couldn’t post that picture! 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Taking a step back

  1. What a wonderful recipe for rejuvenation you have delivered, how i wish i could have had a small taste of it all, glad you had such a wonderful time and also feel very honored the heart shape plate used for “heaven on a cracker” was one i had sent, it is true, she does use things i send!!!! How truly wonderful for the BFF’S.


  2. […] Winning? What are we playing? Who won? Was it a close game? I won. I tried my hand at making this cake this weekend and the result was…an amazing, mousse-like, decadent and rich chocolate cake. If you are looking for a perfect Valentine’s Day dessert to share with a special someone…look no further! Personally I am not a fan of Valentine’s Day. I never have been. At all. Except one Valentine’s Day, last year, when I spent it in Ohio with my bff and her wonderful husband. Oh…the memories! […]

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