Cloud Nine


It seems that warmer weather has come upon us. Although at the start of last week – vacation week I might add – it was downright cold. In fact at one point I thought it was fall again! With those cooler temps I was searching for the perfect recipe. That recipe – old fashioned tomato soup!

Holy Tomato Goodness
Holy Tomato Goodness!

If you like tomato soup – even a little – you MUST make this soup. You will soon be in love, yes that is right, in love with this soup. I didn’t make this up on my own – I used Joy the Baker’s recipe – who modified it from Miss Martha Stewart. Am I now a fancy pantsy person who likes to cook? I’ll let you decide.

The recipe is so easy – oil, butter, chopped onion, finely chopped carrot are sauteed together. Next comes a kick of red wine vinegar and tomato paste to get the party started. Let the vinegar cook off a little bit. Add in some chicken broth, a bay leaf,  and here is what sets the soup apart from your can of Campbell’s condensed soup that is hiding in your cupboard. San Marzano whole peeled tomatoes. Yes..that is right…pay a few more dollars and your taste buds will thank me…trust me here.

Were you a kid who always got in trouble at the dinner table for playing with your food? Well then this part is for you! (wash your hands) and add those whole tomatoes to the pot…crush them up with your fingers…it is fun! I would have taken a picture of it..but, well,  I was in the middle of a mess. Next time I will get an assistant! Let the pot of soup cook for a bit. The spices I added were basic – some salt, pepper, and basil. I added in some fresh basil at the very end. I think fresh spinach would be tasty too added in at some point.

This recipe has so many ‘best’ parts can you tell this is a recipe for the keep file?!?! Do you love power tools? Well guess what…they make all sorts of amazing gadgets for the kitchen too! Get out your food emulsion blender (‘boat motor’ as Emeril calls it) or a blender will work too…and blend the soup to whatever consistency you would like. I went for a smooth, creamy consistency myself. I added a touch of cream at the end…just something to lighten it up slightly. Whole milk would probably work equally as well.

Who doesn't love chocolate?

The other recipes I tried over vacation: brownies (epic fail), homemade poppy, caraway, sea salt crackers (a work in progress), homemade pizza (delicious but I have already blogged/ photographed grilled pizza for you) and homemade granola bars. They were pretty good – I used coconut oil and agave syrup. Those two ingredients may just be my new best friends in the kitchen. There were no real stand out photos for those things.

Epic brownie fail

So onward I move towards spring and summer. The garden is started! I have started working on some house projects – always a fun thing! I have a great feeling about the next few months. Good things are going to come I am sure of it!!! Thanks, as always, for reading! Leave me a comment if you have a recipe you would like to share or have me try out!!

What else will be blooming this spring or summer?
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  1. I can not recall the last time I saw a Granola Bar on the cover of Gourmet magazine. Lovvve the soup shot. I can almost smell the basil 🙂

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