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Pear Ginger Martini - summer is here!

Ahhh…summer is almost here. It appears that I have been a big, huge slacker in getting a new post up! My apologies – especially to my small, loyal, supportive fan club out there! I thought I would share with you some pictures of my latest (as in last month or so) creations. Let’s start with the pear ginger martini yes? I made up a simple syrup of fresh ginger, lemon peels, and mint. Sooo tasty! Enjoy!

Dining on the deck - lovely salad with fresh, local greens

I am getting my grill on as well these days! I have grilled up some tasty cheeseburgers. Now this may sound silly to you – but I feel there is nothing better than a lip smacking, perfectly medium rare cheeseburger. And I think I figured out the secret to grilling up these little gems!

So…after I stop to admire the crabapple blossoms…..

And attend gala events with Mom…..

A fantastically fun evening!

I will certainly be cooking more! Thanks for reading!

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