Summer days drifting away…

Blueberry Peach Brown Betty

How is it already a month after my last post?!  I have been oh-so-delightfully distracted all summer! There is one month until school sets in – for real. For the next month I will be trying oh-so-hard to get in a school frame of mind. But for today…today I turned to my kitchen and made a classic dessert. A blueberry peach brown betty!

5 simple ingredients!
5 simple ingredients!

It seems that this retro dessert has very simple ingredients! In fact  you probably have these ingredients in your kitchen right now. Butter, brown sugar, fruit (traditionalists would turn to apples – I am a rebel who likes to break rules), wheat bread, cinnamon. I picked bushels of blueberries yesterday and had a fresh peach on hand. I found the recipe on Joy the Baker’s website ( Now Joy was fancy and used cherries. She is also in Washington state…home of Rainier cherries. I, being thousands of miles away in New Hampshire, am close to blueberry patches and my local grocery had tasty peaches from Pennsylvania.

Really this recipe is so easy the hardest part is peeling the peach. Honestly anyone can make this! You layer the following into a buttered pie plate: brown sugar, fruit, bread, butter and continue this pattern. And yes I had brief flashbacks of lasagna, the layering, the dishes, the mess. This is easier. Trust me. You layer and layer then sprinkle some cinnamon over the top and a few tablespoons of water. Cover it with foil, pop it in the oven, and 40 minutes later remove the foil so the bread cubes can brown up. Oh…and look at how it gets all happy and bubbly! You will be happy and bubbly as a result too! I was already happy and bubbly to begin with….you are happy that you were not present witness to this event. It is far, far, worse than when I have way-too-much-coffee-in-the-morning happy.


You could serve this with whipped cream or ice cream. I didn’t have any ice cream on hand and was WAY too antsy to whip up some cream. I tasted….and tasted again just to make sure….and was dancing around the kitchen happy! The brown sugar soaks into those bread cubes turning them all buttery and caramel-like. And the fruit…oh my. It was hands down the best snack ever!!! It could very well turn into my dinner. Yes, it is true, it is THAT good! I would happily subject my tummy to an ache for this. My other current fave of summer…..these tomatoes. Hope you are all having a wonderful summer!

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