Dear Summer, Please stay!

Dear Summer,
I really wish you didn’t have to go… or perhaps if I didn’t have to go back to work. You see here is the thing… I have had a really fantastic summer. I left the country…well…headed to Canada. While in New Brunswick, Canada,  I visited a gorgeous, private trout lake lodge. If I could I would live there during the summer. I would climb this fire tower everyday and look out on the property…
Fire Tower

I would also jump on the elliptical and workout while looking out over the lake and boathouse…

BoathouseNo? Ok. I get it. I understand that this gorgeous place isn’t my home. Could I live here instead?

View from the deck, Hills Beach

I could become a ‘remote’ blogger – from Maine.  Yes that’s it…and I could watch the kids play in the ocean at dusk…

Children playing And the sunset…

Sunset, Hills Beach
Sunset, Hills Beach

Ok. Well maybe this idea is a bit of a stretch. So I returned home after a summer filled with adventures – both near and far – and headed to the kitchen.

Two recipes today. First up is a chewy molasses chocolate chip cookie recipe from Joy the Baker. ( Are you ready to make your very OWN brown sugar? Well she teaches you how. Here it is!!

Homemade Brown Sugar

So basically you combine the molasses and white sugar, add some melted butter, bread flour and all of the other regular ol’ ingredients for chocolate chip cookies. It will produce a very flat and chewy cookie. The taste test result? Um….well…I am fairly certain those cookies won over some hearts!

Chocolate chip cookie love

Next up was some browned butter blueberry muffins. I know sinful. Browned Butter. Whole milk. Eggs. Sugar. So much deliciousness in one bite.

Enough said
Enough said

You see, tomorrow I head back to work. And that is wonderful. No, really it is…I am telling myself I am refreshed, ready, invigorated. Well…tomorrow IS another day – right Scarlett? I can’t but help reflect on how life is always throwing us one curve ball after another. There are so many ups and downs of life…much like the summer vacation…that we just sometimes need to take a deep breath and keep moving forward. Or, at the very least, visit our summer vacation photos and daydream!! I hope you all had a fantastic summer!

Playdate with my lil' nephew!
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