Hello Fall!

Happy Trails

I am so happy that fall is here. It is my favorite season of all. It inspires me to take more hikes, more drives around looking at the changing landscapes, the colors, the crisp air, apples, pumpkins. Ahh. This cold morning I found myself making The Single Lady Pancake by Joy the Baker.

Single ladies (or men) look no further

Now this is not just for the single folks out there. You could easily double the recipe and feed the family, house guests, neighbors…you know share, care and spread this happiness. If you are feeling happy and fine on your own then go forth to the kitchen with your glasses on, hair a mess, cup of coffee in hand and whip these gems up as I did this morning!! If you are a loyal, avid reader you know I test many recipes from Miss Joy the Baker. I totes love her recipes. They always turn out well!

Oatmeal in a pancake? Yes!

A few reasons why I like this recipe so much. There are no eggs! So if you find yourself out of eggs on a Sunday morning – no worries! Secondly…it is so simple to prepare that you most likely have all the ingredients on hand. Umm…wait that is assuming all single people cook…or have flour and baking soda and such ready to go. I shouldn’t assume such things. Remember to read through the ingredient list first and make sure you have all the necessaries! The first time I made this I did not have buttermilk on hand. I added a tablespoon or two of vinegar to milk, waited five minutes, gave it a stir and had a substitute in a pinch.

A stunning combo

The batter is very thick as you can see. I like that – I think it makes for a fluffier, heartier pancake. This could make one gigantic pancake – or two good sized ones. I love the addition of banana (insert Jack Johnson, “Banana Pancakes” song here) and the chocolate is a surprising treat that makes you feel like a 5 year old kid again! Go start off your day on the right foot! Gives these pancakes a try. And…who knows…make these pancakes often enough with your happy, single self and you will be ready to share them with a special someone someday!

Go forth and conquer
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2 thoughts on “Hello Fall!

  1. Oh Erica

    Everything you post looks incredibily delicious and I am not a fan of pancakes but reading this I am very tempted to try them, and I will. Enjoy your blog so much, keep posting!!!!!


  2. Oh Just1Janey these are delicious! You could maybe get away with serving them as a dessert – with ice cream and whipped cream on top! Get in that kitchen and cook up a storm Miss JM! It is the best medicine around! 🙂

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