Try again. Improvise this time ’round.

Simple life

I have been recharging this weekend. How about you? Gandalf Murphy and the Slambovian Circus of Dreams came to a new music venue in town on Friday. What a concert! It was the sort of concert that just makes you happy and smiley, and a wave of gratitude just washes over you. I know…it was that good! With recharging came a simple and rustic apple tart.

I picked up a couple of books this weekend. One was how to become your own matchmaker. Are you beginning to see how this recharging weekend went? I am still working through that book – I must say I am slightly skeptical yet it is a fun read nonetheless.

The other one is pure genius! Do you know the Pioneer Woman? You should. She has a blog. Ree Drummond wrote a wonderful cookbook. It is the cookbook that reads like a book filled with stories, fabulous pictures of her life, her recipes with step by step photos which are very useful. She has a recipe for flat apple pie. It looked delicious. I wanted something apple-y too. So I perused through the ingredients and thought I was all ready to dance around the kitchen and make a tart..or flat apple pie.

I began by the gathering of ingredients. I used a family pie crust recipe – Leroy’s Pie Crust – which includes crisco, salt, flour, and milk mixed with vinegar. Sounds weird right? It is such a tender, flaky pie crust. I halved the recipe. Umm…remember the matchmaker book? Well in an effort to not eat an entire apple tart, while channeling Bridgett Jones and listening to “All By Myself” on repeat, I halved the entire recipe. (Btw: you are supposed to be laughing now…are you? Good. I can go on.) I love laughing don’t you?

Ok. Two apples were needed. I had those – don’t ask me what variety they were. They are local. And I would guess they are honeycrisp maybe? Ree wanted Granny Smith which I didn’t have. The apples were peeled (I made it into a game – can I peel these apples in one peel? Yup. I won. I rock.), sliced them very thin and put them into a bowl. I added a handful of pomegranate craisins because I felt adventurous. I wanted to add some lemon juice (the apples were pretty sweet) and I knew I had lemon in the fridge. Well…that didn’t happen the lemon had expired probably a month ago?! Oops. So I added in some apple juice and very little white and brown sugar. You know I should have added cinnamon. Next time.

Get creative!

The crust was rolled out (always roll from the middle outwards fyi. and turn your dough in quarter turns. don’t forget to flour the countertop.) into a sort of circle, the apple mixture was dumped on, the sides were brought to the middle surrounding the apples, a few pats of butter were scattered about, raw sugar was sprinkled around because I was feeling fancy and I popped it in the oven.

Now if you will excuse me I need to read “Step Five. The Adventures of Dating”… and eat an entire tart. On second thought maybe I’ll just share with the neighbors! Have a great Sunday and thanks for reading!

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3 thoughts on “Try again. Improvise this time ’round.

  1. Love it!! Letting a few perfect, simple ingredients is truly the best method whether baking or for me, cooking-thanks for a great read.

  2. If you ever feel the need for a career move to say maybe pastry chef, I am always looking for an extra hand at the restaurant;)

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