Timing – is it everything?

Here is some food for thought. I have determined it is far more fun to take pictures of your little nephew than it is of the meal you created. So….you guessed it…no close up food shots on today’s post. Oh, you think I’m kidding, eh? Well click on read more and find out…

The best Saturday
The best Saturday

Told you! What a whirlwind of a 24 hours! I just love when family comes to town. I have a great excuse to buy delicious food and lots of drinks. We can all eat, drink, play ball, peek a boo and be merry. But the best part? Laughing, relaxing and enjoying time with family.

I have been thinking recently (I know…but read me through here….) about how life is this great unchartered trip. Sometimes we are lucky enough to choose our own route – other times our route is chosen for us. Getting stuck in the gridlock pattern of life is never any fun. It often it seems like it is was a fine idea at the time to take that quicker, safer and easier route. Sometimes we get caught up in the gridlock of it all and forget that there are other variations out there.

My thoughts on life at the moment and my weaving in my silly analogy are this: It is best to take the detour, veer off course, and enjoy the scenery. In the end good things are sure to come out of it…yes?

I’m off to the kitchen to create a bbq pork calzone. Wish me luck! The inspiration? I saw some pulled pork sandwiches recently and heard about a coleslaw recipe which sounded out of this world tasty. And those two things have just been on my mind. Hope you all had a great weekend!!

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