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Confession: I am highly unmotivated today. I have a feeling that some changes are on the horizon which will have me tapping into my inner strength for sure. I needed some reinforcement stat- curried sweet potato soup with goat cheese biscuits fit my creative kitchen needs and stirring the soup fit well with my low energy output.

Cast of characters

This recipe from Joy the Baker caught my eye earlier this week. http://www.joythebaker.com/blog/2010/10/curried-sweet-potato-soup-with-goat-cheese-biscuits/

Goat cheese biscuits? Just the thought of goat cheese makes me smile. And a smooth soup…sweet potato or otherwise…is always welcome in my house on a cold, raw, cloudy day. The recipe couldn’t be easier I have to say. Chopping up some onion (no tears shed there), mincing up some fresh garlic and ginger. Peeling and chopping the yams…what exactly is the difference between yams and sweet potatoes? I didn’t really care what I was grabbing at the grocery to be quite honest – I was in a daze. It was orange-ish and I was willing to settle and compromise. I added in the bits of spicy goodness that Joy suggested.

Cumin, coriander and cardamom oh my!

Everything was added to the big pot with some chicken broth and cooked up then pureed up…tasting and adjusting along the way. So tasty. A hint of spice hit my tastebuds soon after the first bite…then a whisper of creamy goat cheese tang rounded things out. It was an epic food geek moment.

The real star of the night were these goat cheese biscuits…baked in a cast iron skillet! Yes. I know. Can you believe it? I was super psyched to grab this gem from my kitchen cabinet….and I needed a big dose of happy. The biscuit dough was fun to make…you get to use your hands, cutting in the butter and goat cheese with the flour mixture. Buttermilk is the only liquid in these biscuits which adds to the tang of the biscuits. Thankfully this recipe used all of my buttermilk…which is a very good thing. I would have happily reached for the buttermilk this morning to have the Single Lady Pancakes for the second morning in a row. Instead I found some peach oatmeal scones in the freezer ready to be baked off. I obliged. And happily ate two scones with my morning coffee. I think I may need an intervention.

…but back to the recipe. The cast iron skillet heats up as the oven preheats. Butter gets added to the screaming hot pan. The dough gets added in 1/4 cup scoops to the pan. Now you should use a 10 inch pan. I only had a 9 inch pan. Since I used what I had I created gigantic biscuits. See?

Strong willpower required

It was all I could do to just have one biscuit. In fact I have shared half the batch just to get them out of my house. These biscuits were so tender, flaky and the goat cheese and buttermilk really freshened them up. I am pleading with you to not buy the tube of Pillsbury Grands which are full of preservatives and artificial ingredients…try these. Your taste buds will thank me! I promise…and I don’t often promise!

All in all the day turned around slowly. I met my creative needs, the chopping and stirring was mindless therapy to quiet my mind. But what about your emotional needs you may be thinking? That was met with a phone chat with my dear Cincy Bff, Shannon. Though we are 841 (or is it 847?) miles apart it was almost as if I was getting a great big hug I so desperately needed to soothe away all the worries and concerns…if only just for a moment. We made sure to laugh a lot as well…it really does make a girl feel better.

Soon I will head back into the kitchen and work my way through a risotto recipe. Just a little more touch of comfort is needed.

Thanks for reading!

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