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Lights will guide you home

It has been a crazy, busy week at work. The craziness will not end until Christmas break. There is something every single week from now until break… a concert to conduct, a festival and some auditions to bring my students to, playing host for auditions at my school, traveling to Connecticut to make some executive musical decisions (sounds so professional. Ahhh the power of being a band manager) and a few performances to bring my trombone to. Wow. Awesome.

5 Servings of fruits and veggies

In an effort to maintain healthy eating habits I decided to make a Bloody Mary this morning. Now…I have to confess I usually cheat and buy Stonewall Kitchen’s bloody mary mix. I was at the grocery searching frantically for this magical mixture. I took 2 trips across the store to make sure I wasn’t missing this bottle of deliciousness. After consulting with two guys who worked at the store it was determined that they were out of the mixture! What?! There were tons of mimosa mixers (Really? I thought that was common sense?). They informed me that they only get this mixture in about once a month. I told them no kidding because it is so good! They agreed (though I question whether they were of legal drinking age) and apologized. I headed back to grab a bottle of low sodium veggie juice…the Knudsen brand…said hello to a fellow teacher in produce as I picked up a lemon and I was ready to check out.

Groovy goodness

I came home and started pulling out what I thought was the perfect blend of ingredients for this delicious Sunday drink. Into the shaker went some ice, veggie juice, worcestershire, fresh horseradish, tabasco sauce, fresh cracked pepper, celery salt, some lemon juice and a good pour of vodka (duh). I shook up this mixture while singing along to Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” and poured out the concoction (And yes, I garnished the glass with a lemon slice and celery stalk because I’m worth it today). It was soooo tasty! Maybe it is because I have been craving a bloody mary for about a month now. Maybe it is because it would have been oh so wrong to have a glass of wine at 10:30 in the morning. Whatever the reason it was a good start to the day.

I needed some healthy distractions today. I am likely to need these distractions for weeks to come. I threw together a few loaves of pumpkin bread…remember the pumpkin vegan bread recipe that I did a few weeks back? N0? Here it is: I shared with the neighbors. It was the right thing to do…sharing is caring and caring is sharing.

And for dinner I bought a bone-in chicken breast. Hey guess what? The man at the meat counter didn’t challenge me when I said I wanted 1 chicken breast (Seen the movie “Must Love Dogs”…love that scene!). I took a tablespoon of butter or so and mixed in some minced garlic, fresh rosemary, sage, a little salt and pepper. Note: if you can’t handle a woman talking a little graphically about chicken skin stop reading and skip to the next paragraph. If you have a strong stomach..keep reading. I separated the skin from the breast (easy to do…being gentle is key) and spread out the butter mixture. I roasted this, along with some local squash, onion and mushrooms. Roasting anything is the best way to go when you are tuckered out from the week! The chicken was absolutely delicious! It wasn’t a dried out piece of shoe leather…it was moist and flavorful (thank you butter and fresh herbs!). The squash was super tasty. I don’t even know what kind I was pretty though! I halved it, scooped out the seeds (roasted them too), and cut the squash into chunks. After everything was done I scooped out the squash flesh from the shell – it is much easier this way!

Low key dinner

So onward and upward I go. I am going to try hard to stay grounded and connected as I move through the next few weeks. (The Martin Sexton concert will probably help me out this week!) I am hopeful within the next few weeks that there will be more good days than bad, more happy days than sad. But most of all here’s a great big toast to remind us all to cherish and to enjoy each and every day. I’m sneaking away to the kitchen now…there is a piece of pumpkin bread that is waiting for me to add a little whipped cream too…..
Thanks for reading and have a great week!

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