Thanksgiving picture post

Happy post thanksgiving wishes and welcome to the holiday season! It is officially that time of year isn’t it? I am going to be hanging up my apron for a little while….but I didn’t want to leave you hanging!I am going to present to you a picture re-cap of some of the Thanksgiving Day festivities. Enjoy! I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving breakfast - french toast with a lovely hint of orange

Uncle Bill whipped up a fabulous batch of french toast! It was totes delicious!

Fresh cranberries

See those lovelies? They were handpicked and delivered to our doorstep…all the way from Canada. We take our cranberries very seriously! (Thanks Uncle Bill and Faye!)

The final rush

The final rush was on! Faye was busily tending to things on that side of the stove. Take note future chefs who may put on a meal like this one day: the women who put on the Thanksgiving feast always have a little glass of wine on hand. It makes the day go a lot more smoothly. Trust me. I was busily attending to things on this side of the stove while simultaneously remembering to take photos. I was buttering asparagus, warming rolls, slicing that weird-o jellied cranberry sauce that some family members prefer (no judging allowed), and mashing potatoes. At this point my brother thought he would be helpful as he was watching me from the comfort of his chair at the counter…and posed all crazylike with a spatula full of mashed ‘taters…like the wonderful, older, ahem, wiser brother he is. But I couldn’t bring myself to post that picture. He could getĀ embarrassed…or I could get a lump of coal for Christmas. Not sharing that one.

The table is set

The table was set for the crowd. We gathered round and had a feast. And then…it seems WAY too quickly after preparing, chopping, replenishing snacks and drinks, cooking, baking, warming, roasting, etc. that the meal was over. In a flash. Just like that. So I had a photo shoot with my lil’ nephew…you know we were just getting going…


Until my next cooking throwdown I bid you a wonderful start to December. Thanks for reading!

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