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Flying away...
Flying away...

What do you do when life hands you an inevitable situation that you cannot change or control? When you know that the days that are passing you by are worth their weight in gold and you need to act fast and do something. Be quick and alert. To do something, anything…yet you are sometimes left feeling like you aren’t doing anything at all…

This has been my life for the past few weeks. I was running on fumes (cue “Fumes” by Gandalf Murphy). The last place I thought I wanted to be was in the kitchen, cooking while the music playing softly in the background acted as my sous chef, delivering food to loved ones, walking and feeding 2 beagle dogs. Acting, really, like life was not about to suddenly change and trying to hold onto the ‘normal’ parts of life. I would make up small meals to share like these green beans and some baked cod coated with panko crumbs (recipe to come in a future post…delicious and easy!).

Green beans kissed with sesame oil

It turned out that I would seek comfort in the kitchen. It was a slight taste of normal amidst the chaos outside my front door. I baked up decadent dark chocolate brownies with 4 eggs..and 2 cups of sugar. Yes. I know. Rich. Calorie laden. And worth every morsel.

Food art?

I tested a small corner…

Note: not the SMALL corner I tested

…and packaged the rest up to share.

Sharing is caring

While life continues onward for you and I who are still here on this beautiful Earth lets remember to enjoy and cherish each and every day. Can we please pinky promise on this? Do kind things for others. Help each other out. Tap into your true inner happiness…it is soooooo important. Get how important it is? And at the end of the day remember to give a little thank you for those who helped you find your way in this crazy little thing called life. I am. Thank you for reading and have a great week!

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