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The four letter word…

Love, of course. We have seen it on prominent displays for at least a solid month now in various shades of reds and pinks. We have seen candy boxes shaped like hearts. The Hallmark cards. The special dinner menus. If I see one more jewelry commercial with some lady getting all choked up over a necklace…well, I will turn off the tv. In fact I did just that and celebrated being single. Hey I am free..

I have to say being free to be is great – most of the time. And, just when I am feeling so darn single it is pathetic, I head out and find something to do. I started out vacation week by reveling in the fact that I was on vacation…duh. Catching up with friends was first on the list. One night I tried a new restaurant in the area. Saturday night I headed to an old favorite restaurant to chat, have some good eats, good wine and catch up – amidst the early Valentine’s diners. Sunday afternoon was more catching up over nachos and drinks. I sure do love vacation! I tackled a few new recipes in the midst of all of this celebrating. I kicked off this celebration with:

Bubbly makes everything better

No judging allowed dear readers. I tackled a soup recipe – kale and sweet potato soup. It was simple, easy, and oh so flavorful. Granted I have been on a kale kick lately. I made kale chips…healthy, tasty and crispy. Now that kale and I are such great friends I make sure to have some on hand. The soup is a recipe from Miss Joy the Baker (

It started out with some onions, garlic, ginger adding in a hit of tumeric and red pepper flakes. After that chicken broth (if you need a straight up vegetarian dish swap this out with vegetable stock) was added in along with a cubed sweet potato and my new pal kale which was chopped up (make sure to remove the tough stems). Let the pot simmer away until the sweet ‘taters are tender. Then the beauty of this recipe….

No words needed

…add in some coconut milk. Oh yes. I always forget about coconut milk unless I am making a curry. What a flavorful soup…please serve this when you need to warm up and feel healthy, k? So grab this:

Cute serving dish

And it may be love at first bite when you taste this…I promise.

Dish of comfort

I have been into breads lately. I baked up mini peanut butter banana breads from Joy the Baker. I added in a little bourbon and bittersweet chocolate chips for good measure. I liked to eat mine with a little bit of Nutella spread on top…mmmhmmm.

Slice of heaven

I couldn’t stop at the banana bread so I made a batch of scones. For the first time in my life. And you know what? It was the perfect Valentine’s Day breakfast…just me, my lemon ginger scone and a cup of Mocha Joe’s coffee. Since you weren’t here I thought I would leave you with an extra large picture of the scone…you know…because I will happily share. I hope you are all having a great week!!!

enough said
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