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Vacation always seems so short doesn’t it? Just when you are finally ready to relax after a week of catching up on everything…it is time to go back. It sure was fun while it lasted…It was a great week to get caught up on things…mainly socializing. With that socializing came many evenings out and about. I checked out new restaurants and bars, and visited my old favorites. I caught up with old friends and met new friends. I caught up on sleep. I caught up on new drinks. I climbed a rock wall (my proudest accomplishment of the week in my mind). I listened to new music. I listened to live music. I took some chances and explored some new territories. I sang a little. I recorded a song. Oh, I also caught up on new recipes. Are you ready to get down to business??? Let’s go!!

The great steps to Bourbon Peanut Butter Banana Bread Heaven

After I made those tasty little breads it was time for a more savory snack. (If you missed it just visit the four letter word post) And I had a perfect idea. Homemade crackers of course! I was inspired by 17 and Baking:

The ingredients are super simple – basically flours, salt, warm water and olive oil. The technique is super simple. You mix the dough, you let the dough rest and you shape the dough to form crackers. You top the cracker with whatever suites you. And the result?

The perfect snack

Yes..deliciousness..crispy..and paired fantastically with a Cabot reserve Cheddar (Juniper Hill) and a fig ginger jam. Oh…and just a little Prosecco…it simply kept everything in perspective.

I found a new recipe for breakfast. It was a whipped banana oatmeal…yes you heard me correctly. It couldn’t be easier folks. This recipe comes from Kath. Kath totes loves oatmeal – so much so she has an entire page of mouthwatering oatmeal pictures. Check it out for yourself!

You take some oats, water, milk, small slices of banana and a dash of salt are combined in a small pan. You heat it up, you stir it up quickly, the banana disappears and ta-da! You have a hearty, healthy breakfast. I had fun with toppings. I paired it with a latte.

Pure goodness

My variation included blueberry craisins, unsweetened coconut, flax seeds, more banana…oh yes. And the latte of course:

Starting off on the right foot...

Later today I will head into the kitchen and try a slow cooked pork carnitas recipe…with, wait for it….goat cheese guacamole! Oh.yes! It sounds so promising. Keep your eyes out for that in the next post.

All in all it was a great week. I was reminded of just how happy, carefree, simple (well, sometimes) and wonderful life is. I saw one of my favorite singer-songwriters, Pete Merrigan, on Friday at a local pub. He reminded me of a few things as he was singing a John Hiatt tune…

Pete Merrigan

“…And I will try, and I will stumble
But I will fly, he told me so
Proud and high or low and humble
Many miles before I go”

Thanks Pete for sharing some laughs, new music ideas and a wonderful evening filled with fantastic tunes!

You can check out Pete’s music too: or at

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  1. Where is that island on your header background. It’s Maine, I’m assuming, but where?
    From a secret admirer.

  2. It was taken at Hills Beach, Biddeford Maine – and I cannot remember the name of that island… Thank you, Secret Admirer!

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