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Sunday Supper

Slow Cooked Sunday Supper

I stumbled upon a new recipe last week – slow cooked pork carnitas. I figured what the heck…a perfect recipe for a Sunday afternoon. The star of the show though was the guacamole…with goat cheese. Oh.Hell.Yeah (or OHY for short).This recipe could not be easier readers. Cubed pork, salsa, orange juice and beef broth simmer away. Yes that is right…it is so easy! I found the recipe from Gaby:¬†

I kept thinking that there just had to be more – more steps or more ingredients. But no. This glorious mixture simmers for a few hours. I drained the liquid and then stuck the pan in the oven at 450 degrees for about 20 minutes. Note: make sure your pan can handle the hot oven temp! This is where the magic happens…the pork caramelizes! It is tender, juicy, flavorful and a must try. It would be a fantastic dish if you were serving a crowd – easily doubled and people can have fun with toppings. I highly recommend the goat cheese guacamole. I mashed an avocado, with a bit of lemon juice, salt, pepper and added in some goat cheese crumbles at the end. It gave the guacamole an extra kick. You will be sayin’ OHY….trust me!

I stumbled upon some lentils at the grocery. Actually I sort of sought them out. I had seen Nadia G from “Bitchin’ Kitchen” make a roasted vegetable beef stew with lentils. So I found the lentils with the intention of making that stew. A recent snow day had me rummaging through the cupboards and figuring out what to make. Lentil soup! I started out with the onion family…I had odds and ends from an onion, a leek, a shallot. I grated some carrot and it all sauteed up in some oil. I added in some beef broth, a can of tomatoes, and the lentils. It simmered away on the stovetop for a few hours. I wanted to blend it up just a little but got a little carried away with my emulsion blender. It turned to pure creamy goodness. It also turned out to be the perfect soup on a snow day!

Lentil soup topped with a drizzle of oil and sprinkling of cheese

I wanted to make some granola for the week…it may just become my new weekly project. It is fun, easy, and cheaper than buying the pre-made stuff. Though the blueberry flax granola I get is SO GOOD! I saw this recipe for pumpkin granola and was sold!

Pumpkin Granola

I did make a few substitutions. I used the maple syrup it called for but only about 1/8 of a cup. I used about 1/4 c. agave syrup vs. the brown sugar. I added in some coconut and blueberry craisins at the end. It turned out not too sweet or overly crunchy. This is a-ok with me! It had a great pumpkin flavor and spice mixture (cinnamon, freshly grated nutmeg, ginger and allspice). It will surely bring a smile to my face during the early morning hours before school!

Later today I will be trying out a vegetarian burger (I know..I’m not vegetarian but this recipe caught my eye) made with beets! A pumpkin pasta recipe is in my file of things to try this week as well. Stop back in later this week to read all about it! Have a great week readers!

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