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I gave myself a new cooking challenge this weekend. It all started when I was wandering aimlessly and a little disoriented through the grocery. I came across the health food section. I started browsing the shelves. I had every intention of simply browsing until I happened upon this…

New Twists

Gluten free. You hear a lot about gluten free now…some people simply cannot tolerate it and some people, such as Gwyneth Paltrow, simply choose to be gluten free. Did you know Chelsea Clinton’s wedding cake was gluten free? Did you also hear murmurs of divorce between Chelsea and her new husband? I saw it on the cover of a magazine at the checkout stand of the supermarket. I digress…

With my new box of King Arthur gluten free flour mix I was ready to tackle a new project or two. I had no real purpose behind it other than to give myself a new cooking challenge. I wanted to eat pizza. Not sure why…I just did. My freezer was stocked with frozen pizza dough that was ready to go (I used Ree’s pizza crust recipe from “The Pioneer Woman” cookbook – delicious btw). I simply wanted something new. Alas the great gluten free pizza dough was created. I went into this reading several different crust recipes. Some called for the ‘gums’ (a binder) some didn’t. Some called for a flaxseed meal slurry. I liked the sound of that so I used that. (Say the word slurry 5 times and tell me you don’t like the sound of it too!?) I modified as I went along and the result was surprising. I knew I had a win-win situation any which way this turned out. I had no clue what a gluten free crust was supposed to taste like or even texturally how it compared to a traditional dough. The dough was very soft and, well, obviously, lacking gluten. It held together well. Next time I will add in the gums, roll the crust even thinner to get a more crispy crust. The resulting dough had a great flavor (thanks flaxseed meal – you gave it a nice nutty kick) yet was slightly dense and a little gummy.

Gluten Free Pizza

I topped my pizza with fresh spinach, mushrooms, onion, red pepper, regular pizza cheese and a smattering of goat cheese. I loved the tang of the goat cheese!


All in all this was a fun first attempt. As I said before I had nothing to compare it to…next time I will tweak the crust ingredients a little bit.

I still had some gluten free flour staring at me this morning. So I took to the kitchen once again and made some blueberry muffins. The ingredients in this recipe are just like my other muffin recipes. My recipe inspiration came from here: I essentially halved the recipe. Shauna has a wonderful website by the way for anyone who needs any gluten free recipes. Absolutely stunning photographs, wonderful stories and what appear to be fantastic recipes!!

I added in some lemon zest, freshly grated nutmeg (totes love these combinations), and cinnamon were my spices. Some plain greek yogurt was a liquid ingredient along with some butter and an egg. I was unsure of how this would turn out but dare I say I like this gluten free version better than my all purpose flour muffin? Yes. I will go there. It has a perfect muffin texture with a hit of lemon zest. Delicious!

Perfect Sunday morning

So here we are with another weekend gone. It has been a wonderful weekend of discoveries, forming new friendships, and learning new things. I am happily humming songs and smiling today. I’ll leave you with a little quote from a Gomez tune. My favorite tune at the moment:
“See the world
Find an old fashioned girl
And when all’s been said and done
It’s the things that are given, not won
Are the things that you want”

Thanks for reading! Have a fantastic week!!!


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