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What do you do when life is a ridiculous whirlwind of simultaneous events?  Oh are you yelling to me through your computer screen that this is your life on a daily basis? Well, I am sorry. I had a dream, err reality actually, that I was flying through projects, rehearsals, concerts, festivals, juries, catching up with old friends, meeting new friends, hearing tons of fantastic music all concentrated into a 5 day span? I was simply hoping to show up to the trombone gigs with my trombone and trombone music and not a conducting baton and band scores. Well…that was me last week. Come in, relax, and I’ll show you how it all unfolded. Oh, don’t mind me…I am just sporting the uber tired, congested, bedraggled look…it’s the new spring look.

We had a concert at the high school last Tuesday…the annual mud season concert. I was so excited for this concert. The students had worked so hard on their music and really played their hearts out. I had arranged a tune for the jazz band with Hunter Paye and got to jump in and sing background vocals for the show. The students rocked! I was totes proud! Here we are…the last number of the night.

Smiles all around

In the midst of this we are also simultaneously preparing for our variety show happening next week. Not long after that I headed up to B-town (Burlington, not Boston) for a music festival with a couple hundred students and their teachers. My job as manager is really to be a wing woman to the conductor. I met my buddy James at the hotel and then it was time to meet and manage my ‘new’ band students for the next 3 days. Here they are…only 120 or so…no pressure.

Fantastic Concert!

It was a remarkable festival. The students worked so hard on some demanding and challenging pieces of music! My heart swelled with pride as the final cut off was given…thank you James for providing these students with an unforgettable experience!!!

It was time to head back home to another concert. I know..2 in one day. Just call me crazy. Gandalf Murphy came to town and I had been looking forward to this event for weeks! So with my wine tote in hand (you can bring wine to the concert venue – this is my kinda place!) I picked up my Mom and away we went. I don’t know who was screaming louder after each song…she is the best! Here they are…you should probably check them out at www.slambovia.com to see if they are playing near you. They bring such a positive energy to each show and have such moving and powerful songs.

Circus of Dreams

So that brings me to this week. I had one day to relax, catch up and gear up for another crazy week…although it was a slightly saner schedule. And what happened? I got sick of course! Yes, I was a pathetic, lethargic, congested mess. What does one do when you are sick? Eat soup. I was determined to beat this. And a can of Campbell’s just wasn’t going to cut it. This garlic, ginger, beef, mushroom, chili paste soup concoction started off night one:

Remedy 1: Ginger/Garlic

It was very tasty. I would tell you the exact ingredients but I can’t remember – I was so congested and tired I was simply throwing stuff together while crossing my fingers. It had a great kick to it with the chili paste. I thought for sure that would knock the cold right out of me. I was wrong. Night 2. My students and I had lunch together that day  – some were carrying in hot lunch – a lovely watery looking tomato soup with ‘toasted’ cheese sandwiches. I thought I could re-create that myself with minimal effort. More importantly I had the pantry and other ingredients already in the house (point 1 for me). I dragged myself to the kitchen. All the while cursing and wondering why Jamie Oliver or Chuck Hughes were not knocking down my door offering to cook me get better foods for my sorry, pathetic self. Really, men, just pick up the phone…say you are at least thinking of me and wishing me get well wishes, k? Heck I even text like a teen!

I created this.

Remedy 2 - San Marzano tomato soup

I was getting closer. But still not back to the picture of perfect health. I popped 2 Benedryl and slept. Upon awakening I realized I had made an irreversible mistake….loopy doesn’t begin to accurately describe how I felt that morning. Oops. I taught like a zombie the next morning. True story. After that ordeal, and when Jamie and Chuck STILL hadn’t shown up on my doorstep I didn’t have the energy to cook another soup. I did have the energy to pull out a homemade chicken soup I had stashed in the freezer. I grated some fancy cheese, threw it on top of some bread, stuck it under the broiler,  and called it a complete meal.

Sprinkle parmesan on top of this soup...you'll thank me later.

I was souped out. I was tired of flipping through mindless tv. Books weren’t holding my attention. So I slept. And suddenly Thursday morning dawned, Keaton Simons woke me up (no…really…he did. Ok his song did..it was a nice thought though) and I felt better! I had more energy. And I was hoping that it would last through the whole day. 3:00 came and I was still pretty good. I still had a mountain to climb though…an hour of a training session loomed. I put the gym address in my GPS (it was over a week since I had last checked in) and prepared for the worst. But it turned out to be a great session! I left in one piece and had even more energy. So the only thing left to do? Go to open mic of course and shake the egg and sing some tunes. Yes, I am thankful to be back in the game! More recipes and posts to come this weekend! Thanks for reading!!


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