After All

Dear sun, I am at an utter loss at just how beautiful you are. Can we promise that you will be in my life everyday?

What weather! It has the birds chirping, bears running across the road, deer hanging out in fields, bobcats hanging on my porch. Wait, what? A bobcat you say? Yes. Check it out!

G’morning Bobcat

It was a long week…and I blame the weather. It was snowing on Monday…yes, I know. Frustrated doesn’t begin to describe it. When Friday arrived I was happy that the week was coming to a close and the weather was turning ’round. I am not sure if it was the weather – or the Dar Williams concert on Friday – but Saturday morning came and I felt righted around again. I think it was a synthesis of the two.

Saturday morning had me making Variation # 357 on the Single Lady Pancake. The featured ingredients were: fresh blueberries, dark hazelnut and current chocolate, coconut and craisins.

Super combination

You can see the sun shining through the kitchen window. I couldn’t stay inside. I found my lounge chair (after I weaved my way around the snow shovels, snowblower, etc), grabbed my neglected magazines and books, my new Dar Williams tunes and relaxed. All day. Sun therapy. And this helped in the relaxing process.

Snow? Who cares – the sun is shining!!!

After my fun in the sun I grilled up a pizza. I have already blogged about this so I won’t show the pictures. It was a simple Saturday supper.

I have found myself reflecting lately. I think Dar helped put things in perspective for me on Friday. Life changes. I like that change. There was a time when I was so focused on things that change sort of freaked me out. But now..not sure why…but I am digging the variety of life. Have I grown up? Maybe. That inner fire I discovered may have something to do with it. Yes, I think that is a part of it. When I feel like I am getting too routine I try to push out of that and do something new. Try something different. Change up how I rehearse my ensembles. Try out new recipes. Listen to new music. I guess that is what is working for me these days. Now…I need to get back to my Dar tunes and the sunshine. I’ll leave you with a few verses from Dar’s tune, After All.

Well the sun rose with so many colors
it nearly broke my heart
it worked me over like a work of art
I was a part of all of that

So go ahead push your luck
say what it is you’ve got to say to me
We will push on into that mystery
And it’ll push right back
and there are worse things that that.

Cause for every price
and every penance that I could think of
It’s better to have fallen in love
than never to have fallen at all

Cause when you live in a world
and it gets into who you thought you would be
And now I laugh at how the world changed me
I think life chose me after all.

Have a great week and thanks for reading!

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