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The journey: Eat, Pray, Love, Drink and a Little Exercise

Here I sit in an airport. I am waiting on my flight home. I have Pandora on, am surreptitiously people watching and am tap, tap, tapping away on my iPhone keyboard. Yes, it is challenging (thanks for asking). After a few days of hanging with my Cincy BFF, Shannon, I am ready to conquer the world.

Best Friends Forever

This blog is going to be reflecting on a journey that I (we) have taken in just a few short days. You see, here is the deal: Shannon and I would have fun if you dropped us in the middle of no-man’s-land with nothing but adventures to find, stories to share and laughs to be had. We wanted to restore ourselves in this time together. To briefly shield and leave the troubles and turmoils of the world – ours included – at the front door and reflect inwardly, remember what we have, and to give thanks.

No crying

See this spilled wine? No tears were shed at the loss of this…no, really! We were trying to get the perfect picture. Miss Photographer (the bff is the real deal folks…the bees knees) was tipping the bottle for the perfect pic. Whoops…it was already open. Can you tell we were so excited to be together…all 841 miles that separated us had magically disappeared?!?! Life lesson: enjoy the experience and don’t cry over spilled wine. In case you are wondering, or upset over the spill, we had more wine and no one went thirsty that evening! No one went hungry either…we filled up on pulled pork burritos at the new taqueria in town: Lime. We veered off of Main Strasse, ran in from the rain, where we were greeted warmly by Jessica. In fact, Jessica greeted me as if I were family…sweet Jess is totes cool! If you find yourself in Covington, Kentucky eat here. And be sure to tell Miss Jessica that Erica from New Hampshire sent you. You will feel like family too!

Check this out!

On Sunday the sun was shining brightly! We downed some electrolyte flavored water drinks to help us feel human again and took some Advil for good measure. We started by taking a walk down to the Riverfront. I saw the exact spot where Mr. George Clooney had walked up from the river about a month ago. Yes, I was hopeful to see him and have a chat, talk about the old days on Grey’s Anatomy, his new film, etc. But I think he left town. Note: this is the only ‘exercise’ portion of the journey. We came home, feeling uber healthy however, and we made a gorgeous spring salad.

Go Reds!!!

But it didn’t stop there. By the time the dinner train rolled around we were all ready for some good eats. Oh and how Mr. BFF, Seth (a.k.a. Valentino) can throw down a feast! There were pork chops…the largest pork chops I have ever seen!!! He grilled them…to freaking perfection (!)…over charcoal (!)…and put a dollop of chutney on the side.

Not your typical chop

The brussels sprout side dish included such things as bacon and butter (really?!). Oh.hell.yes! I wanted to hire him on the spot to move to NH and be my personal chef. Oh Shannon you are totes lucky to have him!!!

Monday greeted us. We knew we had to fulfill the pray part of this journey. We had a few things to pick up first. In my mind this place is on the same page of a holy place…

All hail…

We made our way to church and do you know what happened? The church closes at 4…God clearly did not want to see us that day. And good thing I didn’t need to confess…confession hours are Saturday at 3! So we meandered home and did what 2 best friends would do on a beautiful spring evening…we had wine spritzers on the lanai. We gossiped. We watched people. We had snacks. Note: ‘love’ section of the journey. We witnessed Mr. Neighbor washing the windows. Dear God, send me a man who can wash windows and cook? Oh, right, I understand…you were closed today.


Tuesday morning was gray, rainy and the thunder was rattling the windows. But that was ok – Konnichiwa, the cat, stopped by. The cat lives in fear of the dog. I don’t usually get to see her yet I often hear her. She sought me out…we had a chat. She is doing well. I am happy we had our little talk.

Hello old friend

We made it to church during the appropriate hours. What a beautiful church! Did you know that the wall which tells the pictorial story of the bible is the largest wall in.the.world. Yes. That is right. I won’t go into detail on our time at the church. But here are a few pictures from church and the church garden.


True Story: Philadelphia Airport

Tuesday night had us hanging out with friends at Zola’s on Main Strasse. There was a great live bluegrass band. It felt like my open mic family…the musicians talk with you and make you feel at home. I like that. And the music? Flipping fantastic!! If I lived in Covington I would be there every Tuesday night. In fact I think my next trip needs to coincide with Tuesday’s.

Northern Kentucky Bluegrass Band

And today found me wandering through various airports on a delayed schedule all day. But the life lesson today? To not be bothered by the little stuff…take a few steps back. Look at the bigger picture. Chances are you will see that life is pretty darn near perfect.

Stop. Reflect. Move Forward.
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  1. Leave it to me to get a little teary eyed. I couldn’t have said it better myself. I love you BFF. You truly are my Best Friend Forever. xoxox

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