Step One
Step One

Over this long weekend I took time to reflect, rest, regroup, recharge, renew, and just be real. Lets face it the time had clearly come. I was either going to hit a wall or use common sense. I took a step back and refocused…as it turns out I came a few steps closer to getting my feet on the ground and my head in the game. Yes. 

Friday night special

Friday night rolled around after a very long week. It seemed the only fitting thing to do was to celebrate the long weekend ahead with a pear ginger martini and a grilled cheeseburger. It was the “Howard’s Special” burger – but with my personal twist. Garlic and finely chopped onion were added to grass fed beef with a dash of worcestershire sauce, salt and pepper. I held my breath threw the patties on the grill and waited for perfection. I am happy to report that the burger cooked up beautifully! Medium rare, juicy, flavorful, with a hit of muenster cheese. It was sitting on top of a bed of peppery arugula, red pepper relish and horseradish dijon mustard and a garlic pickle for a hit of old school nostalgia. Oh.Hell.Yes.  No need for fries on the side here… it was perfect just the way it was!

The next day had me baking a batch of browned butter blueberry muffins. Just because. I wanted to use up some berries and this seemed like the perfect time. This time ’round I added some craisins…you know…just because I am flexible and can roll with the punches. Oh and let me tell you these were enjoyed to the fullest. If you are in need of finding your happiest, contented self just have one of these with a cup of coffee on the side.

Good morning!

There was an afternoon spent on the deck enjoying clever conversation, sipping wine, taking in the sunshine and the beautiful day. Really it came down to feeling, well, perfect. I kid you not…amazing.

I had put together a pizza dough and enjoyed a few grilled pizzas. First up was a bbq chicken, black bean, arugula, corn, red pepper, mushroom, onion, smoked paprika version…

Southwest meets NH

Next up was a grilled pizza with roasted garlic sausage, onion, red pepper, and mushroom pizza. First the dough…

Kiss my Boboli goodbye

By the way I turned to the Pioneer Woman’s pizza crust recipe. It makes two 12 inch crusts…or in my case 4 quarter sized personal pizzas!!! I tweaked her recipe and added in some wheat flour – I wanted to feel slightly healthy eating pizza! This pizza dough is a-ok to be kept in the fridge for a few days. I like that! Then I added the delicious toppings.

Time to melt the cheese





And here I am…3 fabulous days off behind. And a few crazy weeks ahead of me. I would like to think I have found a renewed sense of energy, hope and enthusiasm to carry me forward…hopefully through the next few weeks until the real extended vacation is here! Have a great week readers and thank you for reading!

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  1. Yr killin’ me!!! First the burger of perfection and then the pizza! I would write more but I am off to the kitchen…I need a snack.

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