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“What is wrong with this world? And what can I do about it? How much is enough and what do we need to lead a purposeful life?”
Tom Shadyac, “I Am”

It has been a week full of adventure, learning, thinking, and surrendering for me. I have learned to expand my food palette and am incorporating Korean food ingredients into my everyday life. Hey, look:

Ojingeochae muchim - or - spicy squid

Yes. Looks delicious now doesn’t it? It IS! The original recipe I used came from Maangchi:
So easy. So delicious. So fun! I didn’t have any sesame seeds but used a sesame leaf for wrapping this spicy, sweet, chewy squid up and promptly popping the whole thing into my mouth. Where on earth did you get these ingredients you may be asking? Well…I took a little trip. I was feeling adventurous you see. I needed to set things straight. I needed to quiet my mind from the day to day minutiae. I ended up grabbing some groceries and supplies (note: cannot divulge the exact location due to ‘shopping’ rules and regulations that are set forth during said work week. Think of it like the witness protection program for something). My cart was filling up:

Fun food finds

I left out a few things but there were other places to go and things to see. So I had to move on from this wonderful market. I now have a small Korean grocery though in my house…oh yes, it is wonderful. Thank you for asking!

I have made some impromptu American/ Korean inspired recipes since that day. This salad has some Korean inspiration behind it:

Hello, fabulous salad!

The dressing: sesame oil, olive oil, sriracha, garlic, lemon juice, salt/ pepper. Sliced Asian pear, blueberries, goat cheese, fresh salad greens, chopped up sesame leaves = delightful!

And for nights, such as tonight, when I just didn’t have the energy to create a huge feast? Learned this tip from my good friend who totes knows a lot of tips on cooking Korean food. Just do this:

Quick 'sushi' fix

Trust me. It is delicious! You may be wondering what that purple stuff is…it is plum paste…I just *had* to buy it with no clue how to exactly use it. But I found a way…ha! See it pays to take chances in life!

The second leg of that trip included a documentary. “I Am” by director Tom Shadyac. At this point forward of the blog all remaining talk will be about my thoughts. Consider yourselves warned, ok? The content of this film hit me rather hard. Scientific proofs coupled with sensibilities just made so many things ‘click’ in my brain. This along with the book “29 Gifts” by Cami Walker (thank you for the gift Cindy!!) has had me thinking virtually non-stop since mid-week. So my final thoughts of the evening…

Find your strengths in your own life, follow and share that with others…be the best you can be. However you must carry those strengths out with passion, cast a wide net and make a change in this world! If you don’t put that passion behind just won’t work. Sounds so simple doesn’t it? Realize that we are all interconnected. If you haven’t figured out exactly what ‘that’ thing is for yourself yet…hey, that is a-ok. You have time to get there. Just listen to yourself. Don’t back down. Follow this through no matter what route, detours, and backroads you must take to get there. Find your way there.

Imagine for a moment how the world could be transformed if everyone took their own strengths, connected with one another, showed each another compassion, caring and love…wow. That transformation could be pretty amazing don’t you think? Who are we on the inside? No, not the person society is telling us we should be…but who are *we* really? Everything could change couldn’t it? Think about it. And if you are on board on the thinking train go check out “I Am”.

Moving Water
When you do things from your soul, you feel a river
moving in you, a joy.
When actions come from another section, the feeling disappears.
Don’t let others lead you.”
~ Rumi ~

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