Step back

I am on the cusp of summer. While I am not totally done with teacher stuff…it is so.darn.close. I am already dreaming of endless days and nights, catching fireflies, making s’mores, singing at open mic, swimming, relaxing, catching live music at every chance, reading, and quieting my mind for a bit. Yes. I was on -almost-vacation mode this weekend….and look what appeared…


Well it didn’t just appear. I had to buy, cook, clean and take photographs of said shrimp cocktail. Yes, you are guessing correctly…the sun was sinking and I simply walked around my yard for a half hour with a bowl of shrimp, my stomach grumbling, all the while trying to take a fabulous photograph. I am glad we had this conversation and you understand where I am coming from.

To put this dish in perspective: I found myself amidst a myriad of dairy days celebrations at the local grocery store on Saturday morning. It was nuts. Almost as nuts as shopping for Thanksgiving or Christmas…no joke. I had just finished at the gym and the grocery was my next stop….until I realized…that they were celebrating ‘dairy day’…oh yes. To translate: it was an absolute mad house. There were kids everywhere eating ice cream cones (I know….totally not fair after you have worked your butt off on the elliptical for the past hour all the while trying to justify how a small cone couldn’t hurt in the celebration of all things dairy…I stood firm and didn’t get one). I was prepared to tackle my grocery list.

I didn’t have a master plan, I simply drifted through the store. I found myself wanting something seafood and bought shrimp. A simple supper of shrimp cocktail was had. It was perfect, light, and just what I needed.

Because I wandered for a half hour around the yard at dusk trying to get the perfect picture I will give you another one…it is ok, just thank me later, k?


And here I am. Another week upon us…although, for me, it is a teacher in-service week. Ask me about that later. Soon…….real vacation will be here. And I will be trying more recipes than you can shake a wooden spoon at. Ok…so perhaps I am telling bad jokes here….I need a v.a.c.a.t.i.o.n. 😉 Have a great week readers!

Pause. Reflect. Smile
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