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Dinner al fresco

A couple of recipes were on trial a few days ago. Chicken Marbella (roast chicken with a prune/ green olive paste) was tested Рand actually was very tasty once you get past the whole prune issue! I was searching around for a different appetizer to serve that evening aside from the standard hummus and veggies. I found a peach and brie quesadilla recipe on the Cooking Light website.

Peaches! Chives! Sweet!

The recipe could not be any easier and I had all the ingredients on hand but made a few changes. A peach was sliced thinly, tossed with a 1/2 t. of brown sugar and some chives. I had some local peppered goat cheese on hand and sliced up a little of that. Dress half the 8 inch tortilla (I used a whole wheat wrap) with the peach mixture/ cheese, fold it in half and put it in an oiled skillet on medium heat. Flip to brown the other side. The dipping sauce? Pretty amazing! Honey, lime juice and freshly grated lime zest were combined. The result?

Make this today..

After I took that first bite of this sweet peach, creamy goat cheese, chive goodness with a little bit of honey lime sauce on the side…

…I knew it would become a go-to in my recipe collection! Hope you are having a fabulous week! Thanks for reading!

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