Sweet Summer

Summer in a Jar

When life hands you sweet surprises and delicious berries you have options…

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You can sit and think this over awhile eating pancakes and sipping coffee,

Single Lady Pancake: Variation Completare

You thank your lucky stars, play some Dar Williams tunes and grill a pizza,

Add fresh basil!

As the sun rises and the dew of the morning is lingering, you pick strawberries and catch up with a dear friend. You are so very grateful that friends like this are in your life,

Sweet strawberry cocktail







You remind yourself that life is a wonderful thing and to enjoy the heck out of each and everyday. Go on – what are you waiting for?

Eat dessert first

“A laugh, to be joyous, must flow from a joyous heart, for with out kindness, there can be no true joy.” Thomas Carlyle


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