The three S’s

Dear Summer,
You have brought such wonderful things so far… sun, sweet berries, new places to venture forth, people to meet and at the end of each day I have been counting my lucky stars while casting my gaze upward toward the night sky… I saw a flyer in my local grocery a few weeks ago for Solarfest 2011 held in the little town of Tinmouth, Vermont. The weather channel app on my phone didn’t even recognize Tinmouth…this concerned me slightly. I paid little attention to that minor fact. The one thing that immediately caught my eye was the music line up for this festival. There was one performer who I had been listening to non-stop recently…Miss Antje Duvekot. She was on the bill and I would stop at nothing – including a black hole for the weather forecast – to see her. More on that in a moment. Some sights from this festival:

FYI: the weather was wonderful!






Educating the consumer on cleaner, greener living and learning about the benefits of solar energy was important…

Note: the compostable toilet

When we were not walking through the woods learning about various wild mushrooms, 0r eating delicious wood fired pizza while sipping on the homemade sangria we brought, we paused to watch the kids play and listen to the sweet sounds of Antje Duvekot.

Innocent. Breathtaking.

The sangria had been happily consumed and we needed to move. I have mentioned a ‘we’ throughout this blog several times. It is time to let you all in on a lil’ something. There is a new character to this here blog. From this point forward Sweet Z will likely make an appearance or two.

The next activity was contradancing. I was verrrrry skeptical about this contradancing thing. I was fine with simply observing as we made our way to the big tent and watched the contra-dancers do their thing in their various sets and steps. I thought that I could handle that…I *did* take six years of ballet after all (though one could argue I wasn’t as graceful as I could have been). As I watched this I thought:

Yes. I can do this.

The band was great and the people seemed totes happy so I thought what the heck?! I took a deep breath and said to Sweet Z, “Ok, lets do this.” Away we went. The caller was great – she gave us our instructions and we were off. I was pleasantly surprised at how much fun the contradancing thing is! People were so friendly!  Everyone had smiles on their faces as we weaved our way down the set. (Note: I am trying to talk contra-dance speak…this is hard to do on my 10 minute primer). So imagine my surprise when I am all caught up on my steps, have everything memorized, I have the moves down and we move to the next round. My dear partner and I are making a stellar team…we have got this, we look at each other and smile as we move to the new group (the live music playing all of a sudden switches in my head to “I’ve Got the World on a String”). We are in a new group of four and low and behold the inevitable occurs. I call it the “Karma-will-come-to-bite-you-in-the-butt” moment. The new gentleman of the group was a man who took me out for drinks once upon a time. Oh, sure, it was a nice enough time thanks for asking. I never heard from him again. So…what does a woman do in this situation? I’ll tell you what I did. I simply looked him in the eye and nodded (while my inner self was doing the flipping mambo at my good fortune for this karmic moment), and our group began the series of steps.

When the caller called out the direction to two step with your partner there was no sweeter moment than when Sweet Z took my hands in his, we smiled at each other, danced a mean two step and I, once again, counted my lucky stars. It seems as though the snow in the snow globe from months ago has finally settled and all is well.

Weave a poem and write a love letter to the sun

I hope you are all having a great week readers! Fear not, new recipes are on their way! Stay tuned for the strawberry vodka update!



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3 thoughts on “The three S’s

  1. The “one” that will argue that’ You were not as graceful as you could have been’ ,would be me. I only discovered this some 20 years later in Charleston, SC. Seems as thou D should have enrolled you in a class that taught the “2 step” ! And!!!…I must say….. having a good “Lead” makes the world of difference. Love the pics…Good Blog! I feel like ” Not Quite Gourmet ” is evolving! Looking forward to future posts!

  2. Thank you, thank YOU, THANK YOU, Cincybff! Please…come out to New Hampshire…we shall contradance the night away!!

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