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Dog Days

Everyone has been talking about it…the news, 89% of the Facebook status updates, the people at the grocery store. What is the one topic we can all relate to and become fast friends over? The weather. Yes. It has been hot. But, remember, not so long ago we were dealing with the aftermath of this?

Ice + snow = a big mess.

We have had a string of hazy, hot and humid days around here. I can handle day one – the house still is cool. By day two – the house is not as cool and my energy level is sapped by the afternoon. Day three – you forget all about what cooler air even is. The box fan blowing directly on you suddenly becomes your best friend. And you don’t move a muscle unless it is to sip a drink.

Strawberry Vodka = Perfect!

The heat didn’t stop Sweet Z and I from heading to a local ski area to catch an evening of bluegrass music. The sun was setting, the sky was changing colors before our eyes, the air cooled down, we sipped drinks, relaxed and took in the beautiful bluegrass music and the moment. And day four? I will tell you exactly how day four went down.

My mind was turning with ideas for a cooking project. I needed to give you readers a new blog post – it is my duty after all! I had the idea for a fruit dessert on the grill all taken care of. But one should not eat dessert for dinner. Or should we? We hit the local farmers market on Saturday morning to pick up some vegetables, herbs, bread. I started in on the appetizer…and made myself a snack.

Heirloom Tomato + rosemary bread =

The bread alone drizzled with olive oil was tasty enough. But I kicked it up a few notches and made it a bit more special.

Summery goodness

I added some fresh basil and mozzarella, drizzled some balsamic over the top, made pretty designs on the plate and served this with a smile.

Dinner was equally as easy. Sweet Z and I threw together a salad (fresh bibb lettuce from the market!) with arugula, artichoke hearts, and tomato which accompanied a few grilled sockeye salmon steaks drizzled with olive oil, lemon juice and fresh dill. Fish just seemed like the right choice. I grilled it 3 minutes per side on a medium heat. It was simple. Light. Uncomplicated.

Hello beautiful!

And, of course, dessert. Hold on to your summer hats readers. This wasn’t my original idea but…


…fruit crisp cooked on the grill? Um. Yes, please. I took some fresh peaches from Pennsylvania, and cheated with some frozen berries to bulk up the dish. I tossed in some lime juice and zest, some agave syrup, cinnamon, freshly ground nutmeg, a little cornstarch to thicken and a hit of ginger (next time I will use fresh ginger to give it another layer of flavor). I made the topping with oats, flour, brown sugar, almonds, butter and the same spices. I assembled it, covered it with foil and put it on the grill (medium low/ low heat) while we relaxed with dinner and this…

A toast to a mid summer night's dream

It was time to unearth the dessert…and I will not fib…I was SO excited to see and taste this concoction. I carefully assembled this and I¬†hurriedly¬†snapped a few pictures for you…


As we dug into the still slightly warm crisp, the cool, melting ice cream, took that first bite, the fruit flavors exploding mixed with the warmer fall spices…Oh.hell.yes. Smiles. Savoring each bite. A keeper recipe for when the days of summer are unbearably hot, sticky and seemingly relentless. Stick around will you? There are so many more recipes to try and new experiences to be had.

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