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The bounty of garden fresh vegetables at the market this time of year is so refreshing isn’t it? I have forgotten all about some of my favorite comfort foods such as mac n’ cheese, steaks, or pasta with bolognese sauce. Call me strange. The temps earlier this week were dropping and it was beginning to feel almost early fall-like. Wait, what? After I double checked the calendar to make sure I hadn’t slept through the back-to-school madness, I exhaled, took a deep breath and figured out exactly how many days of vacation I have left. It’s ok..there is still time to travel places, see people and host gatherings! I knew I wanted something hearty  that night but also fairly healthy. What is a girl to do?

I thought about what I had on hand…ok, I admit I was feeling slightly lazy about taking a trip to the market. I looked at the garden. I figure everyone else in the area most likely has ripe tomatoes, fresh squash and cukes. Not me…but they are coming along!!! I knew just what to do. Black bean burgers. It was black beans or a beet burger. I have already taken a trip with the beet burger…remember that Beet Burger from Northstar Cafe via Turntable Kitchen? (http://notquitegourmet.com/2011/03/03/take-a-trip/) Make it. It is SO delicious!!

This bean burger recipe was basically a medley of several recipes that I read through along with substitutions I made on the fly. I started a cup of panko bread crumbs toasting in my handy cast iron skillet over a medium-low heat. I took a can of black beans (mine had cumin and chili spices already in it), drained them pretty well and mashed them up with a fork. I added in a clove of garlic and some onion for taste. I assembled my next cast of characters:

Spice it up!

I added in some spices and fresh herbs. Chili powder, cumin, a little dash of cinnamon, smoked paprika for the dried spices were added to the beaten egg mixture.  This was added to the mashed beans. The fresh herbs – basil, oregano, chives and tarragon were stirred into the bean/egg mixture along with those panko bread crumbs. That brings you to this step:

Form patties and chill (while you sip some wine)

I chilled these two large (very large) patties while I chatted it up with my taste tester for the evening. My Mom readily agreed to taste this…what a lucky daughter I am! However the rule was be honest in the review no matter the cost…hey, there was more wine to be had if it didn’t work out, right?

I stuck the patties in the cast iron skillet until each side was golden brown about 5 minutes a side. While this was happening I stuck some rosemary bread under the broiler to toast up. Fresh arugula was put atop the burger while some homemade roasted red pepper pesto graced the other half of bread.

Quick weeknight meal

The result? Well we both dove into the ‘burger’ saying that we would just eat half. They were gigantic! But they were so tasty we ate every last morsel. A winning recipe. Thanks for stopping by Mom!

Hope you are having a great week! Thanks for reading!

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