Korean feast for a summer day…

Recently I went to visit the H Mart Korean market with my friend C Circus (name has been changed through the NQG Identity Protection Program). We head out on adventures from time to time. It could be catching a band play in a far off land (ok, or somewhere in New England…but it totes feels like a far off land), catching an up and coming documentary (Remember the “Awake…Connect…I Am” post?), trying a new restaurant, music festivaling (is this even a word? I probably need to go back to school soon) it up with our students…the usual. And we knew from our first adventure to H Mart that we had to go back, shop, and cook up a feast this time around. And oh how we cooked. 

Sacrifices were made

I could recount all of the adventures of the day… but I may simply have to let the pictures do the talking. See that picture above? I may have a few of these still stashed in my freezer.  “He sleeps with the fishes.”  Name that film.

Fine juliening

Pickled radish, crab, cucumber, carrot, avocado, rice and seaweed were rolled up to create…

Kimbap Heaven

We put together a little assortment of banchap (little bites if you will). Broccoli with sesame oil, fish cakes, seaweed salad, black beans. Those potatoes you see below? That is called gamja jorim. It is beyond delicious. And so easy to make! Go ahead and make that dish. Soon. ‘k? http://www.maangchi.com/recipe/potato-side-dishes

...and this wasn't all...







I have to include another picture of the Yubuchobap…those little seasoned rice filled bean curd pockets.

There was also bulgogi (thinly sliced beef marinated in all sorts of wonderful things. It was quickly put under the broiler…literally maybe 2 minutes of cooking time. There was a pot full of dukboki – rice cakes simmered in a spicy sauce…which all started from those poor, poor anchovies being beheaded and cleaned.

Midway through the cooking process

At this point we knew we had plenty of food (which was paired down by the way) and were so very grateful for the two guests who were coming! We sat outside, sipped Soju (think of it as a Korean version of vodka…mmhmmm. Yes. Uber tasty just in case you were wondering), and started feasting. It was so much fun to hear the stories behind the food from C Circus, to get our Korean culture on. We covered all sorts of topics as we meandered our way through the different dishes.

It was time for dessert: patbingsu. Here have a look…

Refreshing. Light. Cold.

You can probably see the banana, golden kiwi (oh.hell.yes), and peaches. That was put on top of sweet mashed red beans, shaved ice and swirled over the top of that perfectly ripe fruit was a little bit of sweetened condensed milk. Talk about a beauty of a summer dessert!!

C Circus and I patted ourselves on the back after a day filled with laughs, grocery shopping adventures and lots of stories. We capped the night off with a little toast.

I have no idea either...

We had no clue what grass jelly is…it just seemed like something new and possibly exciting to try. It tasted a little licorice-like. 2 sips was all we could manage. Maybe it would be better chilled? Perhaps it should be mixed into a new cocktail? I am not going to google what ‘grass jelly’ is…I think it is better this way.

Have a great week! Thanks for reading!!!


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