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Sudden Storms

Put me in the game...

What do you do when new friends come to town and you find yourself in Boston for a day? You hang out, take in a baseball game and enjoy the beautiful weather – for we all know that beautiful weather this past Friday was going to turn on a dime come Sunday and Monday.

The world is your oyster

We ate oysters for lunch at Union Oyster House. Delicious. Decadent. Delightful. Those are words which I will use to describe the food all weekend long. Wait…though does this count for dinner? Because it was certainly delicious..but decadent?? Hmmmm…

Fenway Franks are a must!

Saturday morning came and found us at the local farmers market. I headed home to make a batch of zucchini carrot muffins (with candied ginger – pretty much rocked my socks) to have on hand, as well, as a chocolate zucchini cake for dessert. I am constantly wondering if there will be enough food for everyone. I get this trait from my grandmother…

When life hands you zucchini...

We cooked in Saturday night. There were kale chips (*ladies take note: add some parmesan cheese to the kale/olive oil mixture and the boys will love ’em. True story).  There was chicken with a blueberry bourbon glaze (umm…beyond delicious). Fresh corn on the cob. Oh yes. Our taste buds were happy. Caramel sauce (from the bourbon ice cream I made) + chocolate zucchini cake + a itty bitty scoop of the bourbon ice cream = ?

Say no more

Oh we were happy. So much so that we thought we could make it to a local mountain the next day to camp overnight. We caught some shut eye and in the morning…

The rains came

Even the cat knew we shouldn’t venture forth to the wilderness on this camping adventure. So we lit candles and brought out the cards.

I had to arm wrestle for my winnings in poker. True story. I’ll not divulge who won…

We snacked through the day. We watched the weather outside. We played cards. We analyzed musicians and read poetry. Cabin fever was about to set in something fierce and we ventured outside.

That night we feasted on pizza with fun toppings. One of which was roasted peppers. Oh yes…we went there.

Red Pepper + Open Flame = F.U.N!

A small drop of rain this past Saturday night turned into a nonstop rain. This caused rivers to crest and flood, bridges to crumble, invited houses to break free from their foundation, ripped up roadways, flooded homes and businesses, stranded folks and broke many hearts all around. Days later I am starting to process it all, albeit very slowly, the news and seeing that people all around me are affected.

So what do you do when you feel utterly helpless? I come home each night to a dry, warm space and food in my cupboards. What gives world?! I am doing little things here and there…sorting through clothes for a local shelter, making food for people who are trying to just get through it all. They are mucking out their houses, sifting through their belongings while trying to salvage something. They are putting one foot in front of the other maybe merely to keep moving forward. Every step counts. I tell myself again that every little step counts. Remember to count your lucky stars tonight. Have a great week!


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