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Hey Fall!

Friday afternoon could not get here soon enough. It was time to hit the road…the car was packed and I was anxious to get going! After all, there was foliage, family and adventures to be seen and experienced. A quick stop at the local bakery for two coffee’s to go and Sweet Z and I were on our way. 

About 3 hours later, one stop at a little grocery store for dinner supplies, and we arrived at our first destination…Magalloway. My grandmother, Mimi, was there and full of smiles. Unpacking and dinner preparations commenced, scotch and wine were poured and we were, finally, able to breathe, relax and enjoy some simple and tasty eats.

Fast Friday dinner

A little chicken was baked, new potatoes were boiled and tossed with some butter and parsley, green beans were steamed and that is what we call a simple supper. Stories were shared, laughs were had and I was left feeling oh so grateful. I love my family.

The next morning we awoke to this…

Dear Mom - You are the BEST!

The next day found us catching up with old friends, gathering firewood, loading up the woodbox (I am a ‘rugged young girl’ according to my grandmother – I’ll go along with the young part) and a few other errands then it was time to head into camp for the night.

Home sweet Home

Sweet Z got to work on starting up a fire in the woodstove. I started to unpack the fixings for dinner. I was in the midst of finding some pots in a cupboard when I noticed a little pile of newspaper pieces in the corner of a muffin tin. I knew immediately what this meant. Moreover I knew that I had to put on my big girl panties and not show my fear of mice. Mrs. Mouse was hanging out with us…with her family. I pushed the thought aside, all the while telling myself that Mrs. Mouse was no longer there and had moved on. It worked…until I had to switch out one pot for another and I *saw* Mrs. Mouse, who was wandering around dazed and confused, wondering why people were disrupting her space, and I promptly ran across the room to the chair, tucked my feet up and loudly announced that we had a mouse. Sweet Z shut the cupboard doors and we set out on an adventure in the remaining hours of daylight in the drizzly rain. We started at Sam’s lookout:

Swift Diamond River

We meandered down Winter Road, seeing lots of evidence of moose and bear, but none crossed our path. At this point I started referring to our roommate as Grayson, the cute little mouse. I tried reverse psychology on myself so that I could move about the cabin freely vs. in fear of a little field mouse. It worked! After all Grayson is trying to make her way in this world too and if we have to cohabitate for a night then so be it.

We arrived back at the cabin, poured some whiskey to take the chill off and started in on dinner. We had rounded up some delicata squash from the local farmers market and sliced it up with some apples (picked that morning), olive oil, salt and pepper. It was wrapped in foil and thrown in the woodstove to cook away.

There was garlic, onion, and ginger ready to be chopped and added to quinoa and black beans.

Did I forget to mention the wine?

Boy, we were really roughing it…

Always set the table...

And dinner turned out…

It was time for a game by candlelight as the rain fell outside.

Must not divulge who won

Grayson at this point had enough sleep and decided to wake up. I was ok with this. She was chatting away and decided to join in on the fun. She came out of her hiding spot and brought her baby with her (take note: I was watching this all transpire with fascination and, for once, did not retreat to the chair with my feet curled up…who needs football anyway?!). They meandered over towards the back door, Sweet Z let them outside to find their new home. I was relieved..until I saw that they had scaled the wall and tried to come back in through the top of the door…which is another story for another day.

The rain and cold had kept on til morning. I was oh so happy for hot coffee…

Moose bandits

We reluctantly packed up and started towards home. It was hard to leave this place…

We will be back!

We traveled across Dixville Notch towards Colebrook. We had lunch at Howard’s Restaurant…


I pretended I was a food critic and rated this pie: not too sweet, not too tart. It was a fairly good piece of pie. However…if it were up to me I would have used Leroy’s 100 year old pie crust. Oh, do you want the recipe? Well, you see, there is this amazing woman who has helped me find my way ’round the kitchen…

Precious moments

Now, Mimi, care to tell me the secret to those donuts of yours from years ago?!

Have a great week readers! Thanks for stopping by!

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