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Cup of comfort

Sometimes you need a little cup of comfort. It is very important to get just the right balance of ingredients into this one cup of goodness. All the hurts, aches, pains and general blahness that happens from time to time will be chased away. How do you do it?

Hot Toddy

 The weather has turned cooler and soon the sky will shed snowflakes that will blanket the brown grass. The days are not filled with that warm summer sunshine. In fact, I think the sun is playing a silly game of hide and seek….I have been looking for it for weeks on end! This was going to require some careful planning.

Fall Goodness

I needed some key seasonal ingredients for this. I grabbed some local apple cider, mulling spices and a splash of ginger syrup (since I had some on hand). Heat it up. Fill the bottom of the mug with some bourbon…go ahead and be kind to yourself…after all you are in need of a lil’ comfort!

Sip, savor and sit back. Things will right themselves around again…just have some patience and give it a little time.

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