2011: In review

In with the new

What a year this has been! There have been ups and downs, highs and lows, smiles and tears. However, is there ever a year without all of those things? Probably not. So here we go! 

How to do a year in review? I will take you through each season.

Hello, Mr. Woodpecker

Last winter had me trying my hand at wintery, comforting foods. This girl totes needed comfort last winter. Instead of the usual single lady pancake, I gave this browned butter citrus pancake a try…

Delicious but...
The Single Lady Pancake wins...

I roasted things all the time…usually veggies and chicken sausage. Easy, comforting, and delicious.

30 minutes to comfort food

I wanted to kick it old school and make pasta from scratch. Thus, the great pasta project was born.

Do try this at home!

Feeling resourceful I used up homemade cranberry sauce for muffins. Not my favorite…

No thank you

Snow days had me rummaging through cupboards making cherry cakes from a can of cherries I had…again, not my fave


Send these back to Royal Anne

Another snow day?! Ok…make some soup!

Always have dried lentils in your cupboard

The snow finally started melting…it was 45 degrees on the porch, and the sun was shining. What to do? Grab a blanket, a few snacks, and a drink and have a picnic on the porch for yourself…duh.

Perfect afternoon

The flowers started to bloom.

Welcome, spring!
Quiet reflections on life

I took a trip out to Kentucky….where I had all sorts of fun, laughs and shenanigans with CincyBff.

First leg of the flight
Layover in Philly
Finally, spritzers on the lanai with my bff!

I came home…and still feeling adventurous went on more adventures with Circus C.

Perfect day for shopping!
We had a Korean feast!

Spring turned to summer. First up: a trip to the beach….everything was righted around and straightened out.


After a wonderful week at the beach, it seemed that more wonderful things were in store for me…

Sweet Z met silly me

Bring on the summer adventures! From picnics…

Summer picnics are the best

To hikes…

So very lucky

To traveling and picking blueberries…

A trip to the fair…

The largest agricultural fair in VT

This summer also brought about a sensational summer party (if I do say so myself).

Friends, food, summer, candles = win

Summer ended. School began. Fall had arrived.

All things pumpkin...

There were explorations within the lands up north.

Sweet lil' cabin

Once I was back home there were more dinner parties to be thrown.

Fall meets winter

A quick trip to New York City to bring out the pirate in me.

A pirate ball? O.H.Y!

And just like that fall turned to winter. New experiences were had…

Fetching tree!
As my grandpa would say: You done good, kid!

What is the point of a tree without a party? Hmm….

Lets have a bourbon party!

And finally…Christmas was here. Family gathered. I taught my nephew that a trombone says, “Wah, wah”. That is a win in my book!

Proud Aunt + Adorable Nephew E = love

May we all raise a glass of happiness and cheer tonight to welcome in the year ahead. Up next: part of my list of 35 things I shall accomplish during my 35th year shall be revealed. Thanks for reading and have a great start to the new year!



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