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“Courage is the power to let go of the familiar”
Raymond Lindquist 


I have been pleasantly surprised over the past few days. Real life talks have been happening. I suddenly feel all grown up! Speaking of growing up…a special birthday was celebrated a little early over the weekend. My grandmother, who claims she has been 88 for two years running, is about to turn a year older. I shall not divulge her true age..that is not proper…however I will divulge a gorgeous cake recipe I tried out!

Simple really….a chocolate cake which was baked in a bundt pan. Easy right? Well not if you were looking for an extra special chocolatey bite of goodness. So why not roast up some of these and sneak them in?

Trust me…

I admit I was skeptical myself. But I had a few golden beets hanging around. As a kid I was one to push around the beets on my plate. (And, may I add, I was not one to push food around!) So here I am…in my 35th year and I have found a place for beets in my life. Throw them on a salad, the grill, plain, boiled, put them in this, put them in that, I will eat them anywhere! Behold a chocolate beet cake was baked. Instead of beet frosting I opted for a chocolate glaze. The glaze was semi-sweet chocolate, some agave syrup and warmed cream was combined and drizzled atop of the cooled cake.

The results? A dollop of local sweet cream ice cream was added…

Ohhhhhh yessssss!!!

I thought it was fantastic! It was very flavorful – a nice deep chocolate flavor and it was quite moist as well. But the real taste tester? My nephew…who was following me around…whispering, “Just one more bite Aunt Erica?” (pronounced “Aunt Ehhticaa” – way harder…I realize this)

You just never know what is around the next corner…

Have a great week and thanks for reading!

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