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A vacation?

What happens when the roller coaster ride you are on suddenly stops (ride = job)? You embrace this fabulous week off! I haven’t quite decided what to do but I will share a few photos which kicked off the vacation…

Friday…who wants to cook dinner? No, thank you…instead meet friends here and dish up some stories:

Happy Friday!

Saturday morning rolls around…I was defrosting blueberry muffins (that I smartly made/ froze a few weekends ago) and slicing up some pears and segmenting a Cora Cora orange…oh yes! Segmenting is fun….go forth and conquer!

Slick segments

Family gathered ’round later in the day. My nephew and I had a photo shoot. He was in charge of pressing the camera button.

An eye for composition!

Cookies were baked and packaged for dinner party numero uno of the week.

Don't forget the milk!

Then the computer went black. The television wasn’t turned on. The iPhone went to airplane mode. The texts went unanswered..for the most part. 24 hours. (Note: One more item in the 35 by 35 list is officially crossed off. Oh, yes!)

I went outdoors – the sun was brilliant, the wind was biting…just keep moving. But I made sure to take in the beauty that surrounded me… paused to take a picture…

Oh heavenly day

Back inside I warmed up with Anna Karenina. 200 pages down and I am hooked! Thank you Sweet Z for the sweet gift!

And finally dinner. What to do when you don’t really feel like cooking for yourself but realize you should eat something? Cereal or cabbage were the options. (One day we will play the “What can we make with ingredients in my refrigerator game”) The cabbage required a little more work.

Cabbage won

Blanch cabbage for a minute, drain, add a little butter, caraway seeds, celery seed and pepper and dinner is served! It was warm, comforting and had a hint of licorice -which is a very funny word to spell!

Though even cabbage can only take you so far in terms of quelling an appetite. So what happens when you are in need of a little extra sweetness in your life (and the mere thought of eating one more chocolate chip cookie was going to result in eating 2 dozen)? I have a little trick.  Get your blender, some fruit and yogurt.

Fancy glass required

A smoothie will always save the day!

Have a great week readers! Check back soon…I promise to be cooking more substantial meals in the kitchen this week!



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