Snow days, snow days

Good morning!

We are in the midst of a crazy snow day here. A whopping 3 inches has fallen thus far. Please alert the media, gather your children, pets, and get your shovels ready! All sarcasm aside…I am glad to bring you a few basic pantry recipes! So, if you, like me, are housebound while a little snow flies around, you will have something to eat! 

Baked stuffed squash

I came across a kabocha squash last week at the store. I had full intentions of making it into a creamy, bright orange soup. I quickly realized I am souped out! Saturday rolled around and I wanted to throw together a healthy dinner before we hit the movies. I started opening cupboards, the fridge, and pulled out random ingredients. The cast of characters for this stuffed squash were: 1 kabocha squash, half a yellow pepper, half a red onion, 2 carrots, grapes, couscous, craisins, raisins, cinnamon, cumin, salt and pepper. Random? Just wait. I knew this dinner would have a fighting chance of a ‘keeper’ recipe if I just layered flavors like mad. I caramelized the onion. I roasted the squash halves (flesh side down), the pepper, the carrots, and the grapes (I know!). I boiled some couscous in a half chicken broth/ water combo. To that I added a touch of olive oil, a handful of craisins, golden raisins, a few dashes of cumin and cinnamon (trying to create a warm, Moroccan feel). When the roasting was done, the veggies were chopped. I assembled. It isn’t rocket science, see?

Getting all stuffed up..

Add a sprinkle of goat cheese and wrap! The results were a recipe worthy of keeping! The creamy squash, the couscous, sweet roasted grapes, the little tang from the sprinkle of goat cheese! Oh yes! A perfect, fairly simple, Saturday night supper.

And what did Sunday bring? A trip to the antique mall where I saw this and fell.in.love!

So adorable!

One day I will have something like this. And I envision many play dates here.

Sunday I knew I was in need of some true, honest to goodness protein.  I had a craving for steak tacos. I also had some other ingredients to use up. Green pepper, onion and a minced garlic was sauteed. I wanted a creamy dressing vs. a standard salsa to grace the top of this taco. I took a half of an avocado, added some cilantro, plain yogurt, salt and pepper and mashed it all together. Done! Red cabbage was swapped for lettuce. I splurged on some delicious tomatoes which were quartered. Steak was pan seared, rested, and sliced thinly. Then the taco was created.


I had to share of this little bite of deliciousness with someone so I called my Mom. Upon her arrival, I proudly declared that I didn’t use a recipe and that I am learning to trust my instincts. She wryly said, “For steak tacos?” Hmmm. Ok, Mom, you are right!  It isn’t exactly rocket science. But, I noticed, she loved the avocado and yogurt sauce!!

Go forth. Get creative. Pull out some random ingredients and see what you can come up with in your kitchen today! Don’t forget to tell me all about it! Thanks, as always, for reading! Have a great snow day!

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