Spring Sensation

Something exciting happened this cold, blustery spring weekend…

Cat, not included

The 2012 Spring Cocktail was tested and approved as the signature Not Quite Gourmet cocktail of this season.

The ingredients:
Pureed Cucumber
Lime juice
Simple Syrup

A few splashes of sake, a few dashes of cucumber juice, splash of lime, and a dash of simple syrup are added to a shaker filled with ice. I had a cinnamon clove syrup on hand for this cocktail. Shake it up! Pour it out and enjoy!

Singular Cucumber Lime Sake Sensation

Have a dinner party! We did and my job the entire night was to make this cocktail. You see, I was also demoted in my kitchen rank. I became the sous chef РI had the honor of carrying out such tasks as segmenting oranges, washing and drying lettuce, dishes  and taste testing. What a deal! And dinner?

Scallops, Tempeh, Soba Noodles with a miso dressing, salad with sensational segments of orange

Sweet Z was the chef of the evening. He effortlessly threw things together in a cool, calm and collected manner. I admired those qualities as I was sipping my sake cucumber cocktail. Moments like these are time well spent!

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