“Everyone has a ‘best friend’ during each stage of life – only the precious few have the same one.”

Lots of changes are on the horizon. A quick visit to see my very best friend was the start to a fabulous week of vacation!

Oh, baby, did we have fun! Very soon she and Valentino (aka Mr. Bff) will welcome a baby boy into the world!!!! We had a few days to catch up…and we used every single second. It started with my arrival from New Hampshire to the Cincinnati airport. We were texting each other our whereabouts while simultaneously searching for one another..until I realized it was easier to just call. Think we text much?! Next up…lugging a 40 pound memory foam top air mattress, 2 pieces of luggage, bags of groceries, leftovers from our stop at PF Chang’s AND a carton of coconut seltzer water from the car to the house…one block over. It involved some ribbon, laughs and cleverness to get all these items and people to safety. Laughing helped. A lot!

I arrived home yesterday full of energy and ready to tackle a few projects of my own. I started with removing the leaves that were blanketing my yard. Check. I had a special delivery of my own while I was away- a new camera!! So I tried a new recipe tonight in order to get in some practice time. Here are the results…

Gather up the essentials!

This chewy, crispy chocolate chip recipe came to me via Tracy from Shutterbean. It is a simple recipe – yielding about 20 cookies. Perfect size for a ‘tester’ recipe. I am actually partial to a thicker, cakey cookie. However, these are delicious. See for yourself…

Easily stackable

I will assemble my official Not Quite Gourmet Taste Testing Team to cast an official vote. These would make a delicious ice cream sandwich filled with a bit of bourbon vanilla ice cream!

If you will excuse me I have a manual to read, photographs to take, and cookies to eat. Three cheers for spring vacation! Thanks for reading and have a great week!

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