Summer thoughts

Are you daydreaming of summer? I am!! I want to sip cocktails, go to the beach, swim, throw dinner parties, hang out with friends and family, hike and go to concerts!

Instead, I am currently blogging from a remote location – on a bus bound for New York City with a gaggle of high school aged music students. This is testing all limits of sanity technology. There is no wifi or power outlets. My trusty iPhone, my mad typing skills and battery life of my laptop will see me through – I just know it!

So I will leave you a little cocktail recipe.


This glass of deliciousness was inspired by Sweet Z. He was about to throw out some not-so-tasty apricots. Ever had a mealy apricot? Not pleasant! I couldn’t let these just be tossed out however. I intercepted that maneuver and whisked them away to my kitchen.

The details: purée apricots with some fresh tarragon, a little agave and ginger infused water.

Add this mixture to a shaker filled with ice, add in some gin (I counted to four- the mark of a true musician!), squeeze in a bit of fresh lime juice and shake! Pour it out into a glass and top it off with a dash of seltzer. I happened to have lime seltzer on hand.

This is a delicious cocktail! I instantly started daydreaming! Ahhh, the power of a gin cocktail! The flavor combination of juniper berries, apricots, a hint of ginger and licorice-y tarragon and the subtle lime flavor had me at first sip! Try this out and let me know what you think! I’ll surely be sharing this with everyone who stops by my house this summer!

Have a great day! Thanks for reading!

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