Dear Summer Vacation Diary,

Morning Sunrise

I am so thankful and grateful to have some time away from teaching. One day I was conducting my dedicated band students through “Pomp and Circumstance” and the next day I was flying far away to an island.¬†I was transported into another world. The wonderful people on this island welcomed me with open arms!¬†There was bike riding on tree lined paths…

Walking on the beach, jumping waves in the ocean, and reading…

Eating and drinking – or as I like to call it – research! Lots of delicious eats! Fried oysters, roasted corn chowder, cashew cheese (SO GOOD), shrimp and grits…and now I must pause. I fear I have reached my caloric quota.

I came home and was eager to get back in the kitchen. First dinner home was with Sweet Z and also a welcome dinner to my new roommate, my Mom. Stay tuned – there shall be some adventures! Our menu included a grilled salmon fillet (from the Copper River…and very, very tasty) with an olive oil, ginger, garlic, salt and pepper marinade. A salad of local greens (local as in from my garden!). A charred corn salad which I have been waiting and waiting to have this summer! Dessert featured fruit – fresh cherries and figs with a side of a ginger molasses cookie.

I am one very lucky person to have started out the first week of vacation with some wonderful people in such a beautiful location! Stay tuned…more adventures to come and recipes to try out!


And now I shall dream of these tomatoes as I make a list of some ‘must try’ recipes for this summer! Please share your favorite recipes in the comments section below!!!






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  1. Yes, the people on the Island must have indeed been wonderful people. Fantastic people, even. Incredible and …

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