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Some days the thoughts in my head do not match up with the words on the screen. The letters are slightly out of focus and misaligned. Today is that day. If this were my camera I would simply switch it to the auto setting. If this were a recipe perhaps it would need a little encouragement or a touch up. However, I am still searching for the autofocus button on life. Rather than dwelling on these crisscrossed signals I will press onward and share with you a few things that have keep me going forward. See that sunset in the picture above? Magical light like that surely keeps one going forward. 

Life lesson: things are not perfect (at least in my world). Take this peach galette…

The juiced up peaches are piled in and then the dough is gathered up to contain everything. It gets tossed in the oven for a bit and finally emerges. Looks slightly messy and chaotic right?

Life lesson: Learn to be patient and grateful. These traits will carry you through so many situations, which otherwise could have you feeling hot and bothered. If you find yourself needing to cool off and be reminded of this lesson, do this…

Strafford Organic Creamery Vanilla Ice Cream…cures everything

Or make hamburger buns. The thought of working with yeast and making dough terrifies me for some reason. Life lesson: Persevere. Push through those difficult things one step at a time. What happens if you fail? Maybe it is a reminder to be patient.

Irregularly shaped…yet my little work of art.

A hamburger bun is no good without a burger. So bust out the grill and tell yourself you can do this. You have patience and perseverance on your side after all. Share the burger with a friend…unless you are having the sort of day where a bottle of red wine, popcorn and watching Bridgett Jone’s Diary is at the top of your list.

Life lesson: Learn to trust yourself. You are your own advocate, remember? Trust the instincts that we all seem to have yet sometimes don’t always listen to. Don’t worry…those burgers you are making? They can marinade up to 12 hours (PS – I used Tracy’s marinade for her “Sticky Balsamic Ribs” recipe – just mix up the marinade ingredients with your beef – I went with a local, grass fed beef)! So go ahead, watch that movie, drink that wine – but pinky promise me that tomorrow you will set out to grill these up.

What next? Remember to never lose your willingness to learn something new. Life lesson: Growing doesn’t suddenly stop when you get your first ‘real’ paycheck and are immediately catapulted into the ‘real adult’ category. Real life. If you happen upon a situation where you could learn something new…. go ahead and have an experience. You may come across something like this…

Sanford Biggers, Museum of Contemporary Art, North Adams, Massachusetts

Now it is time for the blog reader participation game! Who says you need to banish games when you are an adult?! Do you have any life lessons to share? I am ready to hear them! Leave a comment below!

Thanks, as always, for reading! Have a wonderful weekend!

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