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Smoked Trout and Potato Salad


 ANCE there upon the shore;
What need have you to care
For wind or water’s roar?

W.B. Yeats

Sometimes I have a knack for making things a bit difficult. I feel like a mixed up, complicated mess. William Butler Yeats really did have a way with words here…I feel as though as I have gotten older I have lost that sense of innocence. But why? Should we try to recapture that feeling somehow? I think it should start with simplicity…a quiet mind, The Tallest Man on Earth softly playing in the background (check out Thrown Right at Me track) and a few key ingredients. Today’s effortless dish involves smoked trout and red potatoes. 
The ingredients are few. If you have an herb garden outside your door this will be a cinch. If not, you can most likely dried herbs. I had dill, mint and tarragon waiting for me just outside my front door. My goal today was to create a subdued, creamy, dressing that those fresh herbs will happily merge and become rather settled with parboiled potatoes and smoked trout. 
The main characters

I was gifted some smoked trout from my brother. He has a new smoker and is all about lighting green applewood in tin foil packets that fill the fancy black smoker up with a secret brine recipe on the trout. Where did I get the idea for a potato based salad? That is an easy answer. Dear Sweet Z has flown across the pond for a visit to Ireland. In an effort to channel his culinary adventures I figured I could get a head start Stateside and eat a few potatoes as well! Call me silly. Or crazy. Or…a clever food flavor pairer? Go ahead and be brave with this recipe. Adapt as you like. Take some chances. It could turn out to the best thing to happen to you for the whole week!

Smoked Trout and Potato Salad

Smoked Trout and Potato Salad
by Erica Howard

Scrub 4-5 small red potatoes. Quarter them up into smaller bite sized pieces. Set them to boil in water that has a pinch of salt added in. They should take about 10 minutes. Don’t let them get mushy. I usually test my potatoes with the tip of a knife. If it comes out easily you are set! Dump them in a strainer and let them cool down.

I had some plain Greek yogurt in the fridge. I would say roughly 1/3 cup of yogurt got mixed with a tablespoon of fresh chopped dill, tarragon, the zest and juice of a quarter of a lemon and a teaspoon of mint. 1/4 cup or so of finely chopped onion and a few cranks of ground pepper were added. Smoked paprika was sprinkled in for some kick to help balance the tang of the yogurt.

Up next I added the smoked trout, around a 1/2 cup – 3/4 cup, which had been patiently scoured for bones. Gently toss the fish with the yogurt mixture.

Smoked Trout atop Spicy Arugula

You are left with a simple late summer dish. The smokiness reminds me of fall and the cooler temperatures that are right around the corner. With challenges on the horizon I am hoping to tap into some  of the innocence and carefree childhood wonder of years ago. It could be a good reminder for us all, right?

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful week!

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