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Simple Summer Supper

Salmon Salad

I have a secret. Sometimes I do not have the energy or patience needed to cook. The thought of turning on the stove (which equals more dishes to wash with my dishwasher own two hands) is frightening. This is when I channel my inner Julia Child and call upon my Yankee Ingenuity.  I had a few choices as I peered into the fridge searching for something resembling dinner.  Leftover grilled bratwurst, leftover grilled salmon, milk, wilted salad greens, carrots, yogurt. This was a tough one folks. Do I just pour a bowl of cereal for dinner and eat breakfast-for-dinner style? Eat a few carrots? I opted for the salmon. I pulled out a little mayonnaise, dijon mustard, and finely chopped some onion. I went outside and gathered some fresh parsley and dill. I combined it all – not too heavy on the mayo or mustard, please. Salt and pepper were the finishing touch. I *was* going to have this on a bed of greens and feel super healthy. Alas….the leftover hot dog bun won over the wilted salad greens. This is what I call a perfect simple supper. Add in a glass of cold white wine and that, my friends, is a perfect dinner for one!



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