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A Hint of Fall

It was cold in the newly framed house. Big work lights were scattered over the project at hand, casting their shadows here and there. The boards, that would eventually be placed as wainscoting around the living room, were littered over workbenches scattered around. From sun up to sun down my grandfather was certainly one that never sat still – his kind spirit was always on the go. This particular memory found me remembering him methodically applying stain to the little boards – his paint brush moving at the perfect speed to achieve the desired effect. I recall that moment, years and years ago, when he was helping our family up the road as they were building their dream retirement home. It feels like a lifetime ago.

While helping my Mom stain boards for her renovated house today I was silently wondering if my grandfather would approve of my handiwork with the paintbrush. I would like to think I had the same knack for painting and staining as my grandfather did…though I have my doubts! In fact, if he were standing beside me, I think he would shake his head, with a little twinkle in his eye, and chuckle a little at my staining ways. Following his retirement from the restaurant business he became a part-time painter. My grandmother also followed in the same suit as she whirled around the kitchen creating fabulous dishes, maintained a full social calendar and was always welcoming company that dropped by to stay on for dinner. She had a knack for stretching a meal…as the closest grocery was miles and miles away. My grandparents would often remark that they ‘haven’t stopped long enough to enjoy retirement’ as they were always ‘running the roads and on the go’ to get to this or that event. Perhaps that is why I was drawn to making donuts this past weekend. One moment that I could actually take a little break with no interruptions, appointments or anywhere to be a for a spell. No, I would not be using lard to fry up these donuts in the large black donut frying pan my grandmother used to use. I turned to a newly purchased donut pan and my oven. It was time to create my own memories and on the menu was a pumpkin donut that happens to be vegan friendly too! I was feeling a pull to try to make a fall donut recipe of sorts. I blame Tracy from Shutterbean from planting this seed in my brain. Her pumpkin donut recipe looked amazing! And I will be trying it out soon!! I was up for a challenge – I wanted to make a vegan pumpkin donut! And what a challenge I received!

Hello, Almost Fall!

I did not roast my own pumpkin for this vegan recipe from Oh, She Glows. One day I would like to experiment with roasting a whole  pumpkin but that was so not in my plans yesterday. I almost get some sort of ‘fall high’ each year as I reach for the cans of pumpkin from the grocery store shelf. As I carried the groceries to the car, the temperature outside was just beautiful – sunny, with a cool breeze in the air, to gently remind you that fall is coming soon!

Oh, She Glows is a beautiful site! I made the strawberry oat bars  (also vegan friendly) from her a few months ago. I knew this donut recipe would be a winner. I just had a feeling. It was a straight forward recipe, used common ingredients, and was not a lot of work. It was the PERFECT welcome-to-pre-fall treat!

Cinnamon Sugar Pumpkin Donuts

Go ahead and bake up some donuts today! You will be Oh-So-Happy you did! It is a perfectly delicious fall treat that will leave you, and your guests, happy! Thank you for reading and have a beautiful week!



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