Missing Joy

This week Joy the Baker is coming to town! Surely, you know her right? She invented the Single Lady Pancake, she and Tracy from Shutterbean team up to share a fabulous podcast each week on Homefries. I would like to think that Joy has seen me through the good times (sharing her Chewy Molasses Chocolate Chip Cookies all over the place), and the bad times (having a Single Melty Chocolate Cake for dinner after a difficult day).

 I was so sad to hear that Joy’s visit to Norwich, Vermont overlaps with a weekend getaway I had planned to Canada. She will be signing books and baking an apple pie at King Arthur while I will be eating poutine and walking around Mount Royale. To help ease my feelings of sadness I am sending her cookbook with a friend so she can sign it. But really, I need to tell you just how much I adore her cookbook and blog. For real. Here are just a few photo highlights of Joy the Baker recipes (out of the many) I have made:

These muffins take the words right out of my mouth. Browned butter is a genius move!

Browned Butter Blueberry Muffins

How about that tomato soup recipe? So easy and comforting on a rainy, cold fall day!

Holy Tomato Goodness
Holy Tomato Goodness!

And since Monday was a rough day I baked some chili cheese fries. I did not share. But that is ok, right?

Baked Chili Cheese Fries

I have made so many variations on the Single Lady Pancake recipe I have lost count. When I stumbled across that recipe I was single, ok with that fact and making pancakes every Saturday wearing glasses and sporting some seriously messy hair. But I think that recipe had some magic power or something. Now on Saturdays I am lucky to be able to double the recipe and share with a boy…his name is Sweet Z. Yes, I have code names for people close to me on my blog. Is that strange? I like to think that I am protecting the innocent or something.

I had a bourbon themed party last winter. (If Joy lived closer she totally would have gotten the first invite!) I made meatballs which had her bourbon orange coriander bbq sauce on them. A hit! There was a hot toddy made up of mulled cider with a shot of bourbon. Oh, don’t worry – I didn’t forget about Tracy from Shutterbean – I featured her maple bourbon cider cocktail too. (She would have gotten the second invite if she lived closer. Can you imagine the Oprah voices that would be happening at the end of the night?!) I am pretty sure those cocktails made people swoon over the beauty of bourbon. Or were they swaying? Nevermind. It was a win.

If I were able to come to Joy’s book signing at the King Arthur Grand Opening on Saturday I would tell her thank you. You have helped me navigate through some crazy, amazing, fun, frightening and rewarding times in my kitchen. You give me courage to tackle the tough recipes that I thought I could never do (homemade pasta dough and a rolling pin? The arm workout alone was worth it!) Thank you! Enjoy your time in Vermont, meeting the friendly folks at King Arthur and maybe seeing some of the sights as well. I hope to catch you next time!





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