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Nine Lives

I opened the glass slider door to the quiet and peaceful apartment. Nothing was out of the ordinary as I glanced around Sweet Z’s apartment. He was off having grand adventures in Ireland with his best friend- climbing cliffs, discovering forts, meeting the locals and drinking pints of creamy Guinness. Soon, I heard what I had been anticipating all day… a little meow from far away. The little meow turned into a roar as a beautiful black cat, Michel, came running my way. I scooped him up and his meows turned into purring. He snuggled up on my shoulder with his face pressed against my neck, much like the way my baby niece Ava snuggles up to me. We rested a moment, completely content and happy with the world. This furry monster and I have developed a great bond over the past year. In fact, I had such warm and fuzzy feelings for this feline I decided to bake homemade cat treats for him. Clearly, he appreciates the finer things in life…

The cat scholar

Imagine my surprise when I happened upon a cat treat recipe! I knew they existed but it never was something I would have thought to have made…largely because I do not have a cat! I like knowing where my food comes from and I figured the cat would appreciate me thinking of his diet as well. I went out and gathered the ingredients for this chewy treat…brown rice flour, parsley, an egg, brown rice, wet cat food, olive oil and water. Easy right? The very first thing I weighed on my new digital scale was the wet cat food. It *was* a fancy wet cat food of the chicken liver variety.

Delicious…if you are a cat!

The mixture gets patted into the shape of a rectangle and pressed onto a parchment lined baking sheet then baked. The treats are cooled briefly, cut and baked again. This puts the chew in chewy. I could not wait to share this with my best cat friend, Michel (by the way you should be pronouncing this as the French would – really fancy, eh?). I packed up the barely cool treats, brought them over to Sweet Z’s and burst through the door in the most victorious way. I was talking a mile a minute to Sweet Z, explaining how easy these treats are and SO healthy as I was  unscrewing the lid to the jar.  I set out the treat, stepped back and waited in anticipation watching just how Michel would react. I was sort of expecting a light to shine down on this treat – I mean – c’mon, this cat had his very own homemade treat! Exhibit A:


He sniffed his gourmet treat, turned, flicked his tail a bit and walked away. My treats were not good enough for him! What?! It is true, yet, I am not giving up the fight on getting this cat hooked on homemade treats. I think my mistake with trying to feed Mr. Picky Palate was the particular brand of wet cat food I used. I had used a similar chicken liver flavor but it was not the same as what he is used to eating. Next time I will be adding in some oh-so-irresistible catnip!

Does anyone need cat treats?

Now I was left with A LOT of homemade cat treats I started handing out treats to other cat people. Is it strange that I suddenly felt like a crazy cat lady?! I was no fool and asked for photographic evidence to correspond with my experiment. I would like to introduce you to Ralph, a beautiful Abyssinian cat from a quiet, college town in New Hampshire. He sniffs, contemplating his options…(his other food option was a cinnamon sugar pumpkin doughnut that the kids behind him were eating!)


I have other subjects  cats to test out these treats with and as the photos come in I will be adding them to this post! Please know that I was going to leave you with a quote about cats or something witty but I got sidetracked and learned about ‘High Rise Syndrome’ from National Geographic. Oh my! Stay tuned for more episodes of the Cat Chronicles!

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!

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