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Ginger Apple Cider Hot Toddy

Sometimes I just need a bit of warmth. I put on a favorite sweater – the kind that just hugs you in warmth and familiarity of last year. Fall is quickly rolling in, dropping and scattering leaves over the yard, bringing cold winds with a few snow flakes fluttering lazily  to the ground.  The warm temperatures of summer are but a distant memory. Yet, the memories of summer are still lingering in my mind.Times like this call for one thing – in my mind – a hot toddy. What can I say? Before I give you the recipe I do need you to make up a quick batch of these…


(Ahem, the cookies are highly addictive and full of good-for-you things! Recipe soon!)

Now, back to the hot toddy recipe. My favorite version involves three things : mulling some cider (a ball of mulling spices that are simmered in some apple cider, ginger tea and bourbon. I chopped up a few slices of fresh ginger root and put it in the tea kettle filled with some water. I let it steep for about 20 minutes. Meanwhile, I added a splash of the mulled apple cider to my favorite mug, added a touch of lemon juice, and topped it off with ginger tea and, wait! Don’t forget to save room for a shot of bourbon…but only if you are into that sort of thing! A great hot toddy on a cold night. Cheers!

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