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Weekend Round Up


A celebration began on Friday afternoon. We entered the dimly lit space of the local Mexican restaurant which was quickly filling up with locals as we staked out our spaces at the recently renovated bar. This small crew of educators was more than ready to take advantage of the specials being offered. It gave us a moment to pause and breathe. The entire weekend stretched out before us as if we had not a care in the world. Though, for me, it was a little escape route. A distraction from the images and horrors that Sandy left behind. The week was an emotional roller coaster as I watched the events unfold from afar. I ended the week feeling helpless, saddened and holding high hope that all those that needed a boost would find it. 

I turned to my constant companion…the kitchen. There were no dinner plans or lunch plans in place. I improvised. No special trips to the grocery to get necessary supplies for a new recipe this week. Instead I turned to my cupboards and refrigerator. It was a time to make do with what I had on hand.

I grabbed a package of rapid rise yeast, a hodge podge of ingredients and got to work making a pizza dough recipe from King Arthur Flour and began caramelizing a red onion that was laying around. I pulled together a fig & ginger jam based pizza with sauteed mushrooms, caramelized onions, tomatoes (the last from the garden!), fresh mozzarella  blue cheese pizza:

Fig & ginger pizza with blue cheese and caramelized onions

Pizza number two was a tomato sauce based pizza with black olives, mushrooms, tomatoes and fresh mozzarella:

The two pizzas were perfect for a Saturday night hang with my roommate Mom and a movie. I shall not mention the apple cinnamon oatmeal cookies I made. The oatmeal container slipped out of my hands … a minor inconvenience in the grand scheme of things. Luckily there was enough oatmeal left to bake up the cookies!

Sunday found my brother and family up for a visit. Lunch needed to be served…and I knew just the thing. Tomato soup (thanks, Joy the Baker!) is quick to make and grilled ham and cheese sandwiches were served on the side! This little guy was a bit skeptical of the soup…

Helping to cool it off…

How did my sweet nephew Ethan like this homemade tomato soup (vs. the Campbells my brother claims is easier to prepare)? Note: my brother admitted the the soup was a really good soup (point for me!)! Ethan’s reaction:

All in all a good weekend was had. Kids have a way of making you remember the simple things in life, don’t they?

Thanks for reading and have a great week!!!

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