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As Easy As Pie

“Promises and pie-crust are made to be broken.”
Jonathan Swift

Psst….I am making this pie for Thanksgiving….

The class grew quiet as she launched into her story. Stories of Joy and her Dad baking pie together…and not just any pie. Sweet potato pie. Why sweet potato, you ask? Because it is so delicious you will not want to ever eat a boring, plain old pumpkin pie after the Thanksgiving feast again. What, you are afraid to make a pie crust? I have made pie before but I have never been confident in my pie crust making abilities. Therefore, I completely banished pie from my dessert repertoire. I knew one day I would have to conquer the fear. And I did! Look who I had helping me….

Joy the Baker…gets serious

At my pie baking class with Ms. Joy she made pie crust look effortless. I, meanwhile, was a hot mess. But I worked through the dough process my shoulders started to relax.  As I quickly worked the butter into the flour with my hands, Joy would come around, offer encouraging words and helpful hints. Really, all worries, simply vanished. This crust was a buttermilk crust versus the no roll crust using cream cheese in her cookbook. Add in the buttermilk, stir together. Turn the shaggy mess out onto the counter. Gently pat it  together, form it into a ball, wrap and refrigerate for at least an hour. It is crucial to let it rest.

Joy moved the class onto the prepped sweet potato filling.

She whisked in the eggs and evaporated milk into the already prepped sweet potato filling. She leaned over the bowl and deeply inhaled, and smiled…instantly transported back in time to a kitchen where she was standing side by side with her Dad. The best feeling in the whole world is when you are transported back in time, flooded by memories, smells, sights, and sounds – don’t you think?

The sweet potato pie was baked…and cooled ever so slightly…

And then…we sampled…

This pie is utterly delicious. The smooth and creamy sweet potatoes with that little hint of coriander is out of this world. But then…you reach the crust…and the flaky, crunchy, buttery crust gives way. I haven’t tried it with a scoop of ice cream…but imagine a little vanilla bourbon ice cream on the side? Or crunchy butter pecan? Yes…please pinky promise me you will give this pie a try? What are you making for Thanksgiving dessert this year? Leave a comment and let me know!

A big, huge thank you to the Sundays with Joy baking group for welcoming into their group! You will be seeing more posts as I weave my cooking self, along with some new blogging friends, through Joy the Baker’s new cookbook!


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